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    The Official Ipad 3 Accessories Thread

    Care less about iPad II - What about V1 accessories. I could care less about the IPad 2 accessories. My iPad 1 TV adaptor (apple), USB adaptor, video adaptor, and smart card adaptor all work on my V3. None of my cases work - which is too bad, I really liked the original Apple case & hate the...
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    Old guy w/new iPad upgrade

    Well, I am past the age many retire, not for me tho…. I bought a V1 iPad 64/3G on day one, tossed my MacAir and iPhone soon thereafter. I use my iPad for papers, presentations, and ------- every day. I've never found a better business tool, or cross country traveling aid - my iPad carried...
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    Will my original iPad unlimited AT&T data plan be grandfathered to the iPad 3?

    I just moved my SIM card - worked just fine on ATT.
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    Is the new screen that big of a deal?

    I opened the box on my new 3 & put the screen protector on before I even fired it up… had one on my iP 1 & it looks new...
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    People who have got/getting their iPad-3 Today !

    Got mine at 1300PDT - restoring has taken over 30 minutes, so far….
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    Changing iclould account on ipad

    I don't back up to the cloud - I back up to my computer - swapping my old iPad for the new one was transparent...
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    Should I buy an iPad today or ...

    I have my new iPad AND I bought the stock at $34….
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    if you sold your ipad2 for ipad3, how much did you get it?

    Full original price of $859, including case.
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    Screen protector or not?

    I have one of the first V1 iPads, and use it all day, every day. I have screen protection on the front, and the standard Apple case (best of all that I tried). I will do the same for my new V3. My old one looks like it just came from the box.
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    Version 1 to version 3

    I have one of the first original iPads, and will get a new V3 tomorrow. I noted that most did a simple SIM chip replacement when going from V1 to V2 - since V3 is 4G enabled, and I have an original unlimited 3G account - think the swap will still work? I really don't want to lose the cheap...
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    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    Mine is also en-route - won't be delivered until tomorrow, around 2pm - standard FedEx delivery… Black/64G/Wifi-3/4G
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    Friend works at the Apple Store

    I have one of the very 1st iPad V1.0, and am looking forward to my new iPad (3), arriving tomorrow. Both are 64G, black, WiFi/3-4G units, so I'll get to do a full side by side evaluation!!! Since I get to pass my V1 within the company, I will get full price for it, so my V 3 is essentially...
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    Thoughts on the iPad - Three Weeks Later

    Very nicely done, thanks. I have 60+ apps, and have yet to have one crash - but I don't do games either. I only used a laptop for travel (MacAir) & the iPad does everything I need it to do, and then some. I tried a Netbook, thought & still think it's useless (same for Win O/S, but...
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    ipad users - please tell me about your ipad

    BTW, I also ride a Honda Valkyrie - hence the Dragonrider...
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    ipad users - please tell me about your ipad

    Maya - This is a project that I would assign to a class... I am a PhD, running a company creating human and veterinary diagnostics (with occasional teaching episodes) - I find the use of the iPad catches and attracts attention when graphics are needed, and the iPad is perfect for quick...