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    Is there an App for this?

    Why don't you simply plug the iPad into the charger and let it stay charged all night?
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    What would it take to get you to buy an iPad 3?

    I've gotten both so far, and will get 3 when it's out.
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    moving to new computer, old one dead....

    If you made a backup of his iTunes account, you can move it to a new computer, apps and all.
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    Can a stolen, wiped Ipad be re-registered

    The short answer is yes. I had the bad luck to purchase an iPod touch that someone managed to switch out in a Walmart. I thought I purchased a new 16 gig, but when I got home and opened the packaging someone's used 8 gig model was inside. Unfortunately I didn't notice the switch until I'd...
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    plugging ipad into broadband modem

    Not possible. Suggest buying your friend a cheap wireless router. Barring that, you can activate the 3G if you bought a higher end iPad. Or use free wifi at the local places that offer it.
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    are you a mac or a windows user?

    All my computers are windows 7. All my toys are Apple, iPad, iPod, iPod touch, etc... There is a difference between work and play.
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    Will the IPad 2 fit the Michael Kors case?

    I have a Liz Claiborne hardcover case that fits both models of iPads really well, even allowing to plug in the USB cable without having to take it out. Downside is no back hole for the rear camera, but that was not a bother since I rarely use it. I would imagine Kor's case would fit fine as long...
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    What is your biggest fear when it comes to damaging your ipad?

    Both of mine are covered, so no fears. I did come close to a scare, however, when I spilled a malt cooler on my iPad 2' tho! Luckily it was in its case and suffered no damage.
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    How many Ipads does your household own?

    I have 1 & 2, both for myself, tricked out 64 gig with AT&T. It's greed, pure and simple.
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    iOS5 backing up forever

    Turn off calendar and contacts synching, as well as any other non essential things like bookmarks, notes, etc. the sync will be considerably faster and you can then use the cloud to update all calendars, etc... I use Outlook in Win 7 professional and couldn't wait hours for a sync. It worked for me.
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    Why are you not jailbreaking?

    Because it works just fine the way it is.
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    Anyone writing a book on their Ipad 2?

    You can write anything on the iPad. But to properly format a manuscript takes more than Pages or Quick Office can handle. As much as I would love to write my books on the iPad (and I am a professional writer) its just impossible. Also, the longer the document gets, the harder it is to scroll...
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    Word can convert it's own documents to PDF.
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    Help with "Pages" app, please?

    Is the file .doc or .docx? Pages will not open the latter. You have to convert to earlier version.