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Recent content by dpizzo

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    Rock permanently froze my iPad? Help!

    This has happened to me a few times. Every time it eventually went back to normal. Just takes a while. By now I imagine all is well with yours.
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    Best Twitter Client

    Yeah, when i first got my iPad, I installed both and figured I would eventually decide which one to keep, and which to delete, but still have both installed.
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    We Rule Friends Needed

    I wish we could move things there. I think that would make better sense. Have one realm for farms and groves, throw a bunch of houses in another realm, and keep the businesses in the main realm so it's easy for visitors to make purchases.
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    App for logging workouts?

    I have iFitness on my iPod Touch, but just checked and there is no iPad app by them. I havent tried putting it on my iPad yet and using FullForce with it to see how it looks though. If i remember to do that, I'll let you know if it's up to par.
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    Is it illegal to ask questions??

    1. I thought you were done arguing. 2. Please point me to the law that states jailbreaking is illegal. 3. Do you not realize that one action (jailbreaking) is just something that is frowned upon by a corporation, but the other action (installing cracked apps) is stealing from a developper...
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    Verizon is better than AT&T, again

    I've been quite happy since switching to Verizon. I did consider AT&T and the iPhone, but there is no coverage in my area so there went that idea. As far as Verizon's customer service, in my experience it's been nothing short of stellar, no complaints at all. I've never had AT&T service, so I...
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    Does anyone have an extra long Apple charging cable?

    Matt, I have a couple of those USB extension cables. They work perfectly. I got mine off ebay.
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    Verizon offering FREE mobile wifi hot spot

    I believe that for now you need to be rooted on android devices to use them as wifi hotspots, or you can use PDAnet. But with Froyo OS coming, i believe there will be tethering. I'm sure there are others here that know more than me about it.
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    Someone did something that took me out of my comfort zone

    Nice. I was going to suggest taping a dead fish under his chair, but I like your idea.
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    Someone did something that took me out of my comfort zone

    It's because lots of people don't respect property anymore. OP has a right to be pissed.
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    Task Manager

    I use Circuitous. It works great so far.
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    Verizon offering FREE mobile wifi hot spot

    My fiance switched from the BB Tour to the Palm Pre Plus, and she loves it. I use it as a WiFi hotspot, and it does work great. I also have a Droid Incredible coming my way (eventually) and i will do the same with that. A little advice, while tethering, keep the phone on the charger. Also...
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    Someone did something that took me out of my comfort zone

    I would've told him that i rubbed my sack all over it just in case anyone touched it without asking.
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    Movie App Database

    I'd love an app like this. I'd like to have one for books as well.
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    Baby Explorer – The perfect baby toy!

    No babies better get within 5 ft. of my iPad.