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    Is the iPad a laptop replacement?

    look ma, no laptop I've had my iPad 3g for 10 days. I haven't touched my laptop in that time. Note that I do have a desktop and do use that regularly. Right now I wish I hadn't spent $800 last fall on a new laptop; I don't anticipate using it much at all in the future. As for no ppt in...
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    CBS is iPad friendly!

    I just went out to the CBS website and it is the same as it has lately been. Criminal Minds: only 5 minute clips; no full episodes. Big Bang Theory: not only is it only clips, but they have interviews with the stars. So I started up a 3 minute interview with a star and they make me watch an...
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    CBS is iPad friendly!

    But are they offering complete episodes, or only short highlights? Will they let me download episodes so I can watch on an airplane? My last visit to the CBS site was very disappointing. (of course that was about 60 days ago and they may have decided to accept my money for their product...
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    Why 4:3? Why not wide-screen?

    For me, watching movies and HDTV is about 1% of what I will do on my iPad. For me, 4:3 is a more functional ratio. Perhaps Apple thought I am more typical that you.
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    New MS Office Solution

    I am using DropBox (Dropbox - Home - Online backup, file sync and sharing made easy. and dropbox in the AppStore) as cloud storage. I can easily access the same files from my PCs and my iPad. I don't use iWork, so I don't know how easy it is to access Dropbox files from iWork.
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    Can I sync Things with a PC?

    I use a PC at work, and have just begun using Things on my iPad. Is there a way to sync Things with my work PC? Or, is there a way to sync Things to a cloud account (that I can then access from work?)
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    Wifi vs 3G wifi speed/reception

    I haven't done any speed tests yet, so I can only give you my feel for it. And, of course, each WiFi set up may run at a different speed. At home, my WiFi seems to be about triple the rate of the 3g reception I get. There is a noticeable wait for data on 3g, but WiFi feels almost...
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    Do iPad 3G work with other carrier than ATT

    What about Europe? Yes, T-Mobile but not Verizon or Sprint. You should be able to Google info on how it was done on T-Mobile. My question is similar: Can I put a European SIM card in mine to get 3G when I go to Europe in June? Asked another way, will GSM work?
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    iPad Concealed Carry

    Maybe it is me? I took it to the gym today and had it in front of me on the elliptical machine. Maybe it is the way I look, but it attracted no attention. (A cute woman might have had a very different experience). I have a bluetooth headset, so I listened to music AND surfed news while...
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    Observations after two days w/ 3G

    My turn now. Bought the 3g at 6:15 Friday; the apple store had only four left after 75 minutes of sales; one by the time I walked out the door. - Bought the Apple cover for the iPad. Very nice; I recommend it. - Bought a soft tip stylus at the Apple Store as well. I am clipping it to the...