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    App to record audio streaming

    Just looked all of these up and none are iPad apps, unless I am missing something. Thank you anyway. So far it seems that the poster who said it is not now currently possible to run the two apps (1- the streaming audio; 2- the app to capture the streaming audio) simulataneously.
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    App to record audio streaming

    Thanks for all the advice. I'm not jailbroken (18 months left on my AppleCare warranty). Maybe after the warranty expires I'll take the plunge.
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    App to record audio streaming

    The original poster wants to record streams from the radio, but I do not, because that doesn't give me enough control. What I do on my pc, and what I'd like to replicate on the iPad, is search for songs that I want to have, generally on YouTube, and record them as I play them. I can do that...
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    GarageBand for iPad questions

    (1) Is there a way to eliminate empty time? in other words, you can delete what you've recorded, but the time remains. You can slide what comes afterward to the "left" to eliminate the empty time, but when you have a lot of segments that's unwieldy and I often make a mistake and wind up...
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    App to record audio streaming

    no. Streaming Music Capture is not an iPad app. That's what the op is looking for. I'm looking for something like that too. For pc music capture there are tons of applications that do this, many at no cost.
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    hi - I answered your question about GarageBand - click on the + sign at the far right of the...

    hi - I answered your question about GarageBand - click on the + sign at the far right of the timeline and there are the song sections - it's a stupid change they made
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    Problem with Garageband update

    Hi. Yes. They changed it. Now look at the far right of your timeline and you will see a +. Press it. The Sections thing will come up!
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    App to record audio streaming

    None of the apps mention record streaming audio on the iPad. Did you people forget you were in an iPad forum? Obviously there are tons of programs to record audio on a pc. That's not what was asked. I've been looking for this kind of app too and it doesn't seem to exist, perhaps for the...
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    How to get a refund on an App from iTunes store

    I tried to go to support for the app. The link goes to the company, called ultie. When you go there you get a blog with irrelevant posts and no way to contact anybody for support. It seems to be a Japanese company - a lot of the text is in Japanese. I see no way to communicate with them. I'll...
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    My Solution for iPad Notetaking

    Well I bought Handwriting Mail Pro HD last night after reading a lot of great things about it. It worked fine for five minutes and then crashed. There is now no cursor and although I can write on the lower part, it doesn't put the words on the upper part at all. I went to what's called "support"...
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    iPad is not a Note taking device

    They always show these HUGE words diagonally across the screen, as if this is how regular people take notes. It is not. I want to see notes that actually fit inside the lines -- the way you would actually write with a pen on paper. However, obviously this is not possible, because of the nature...
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    My Solution for iPad Notetaking

    I do this too, and I can't take real notes, in actual (small) handwriting. I see a few huge words on a screen. Am I asking for too much? This would never replace a piece of paper and a pen, right? The lines are too thick and you have to hold your hand in a bizarre position so you don't get a...
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    How to turn anything into an iPad stylus.

    Which show is this? I've been searching around and haven't been able to find it. Thanks. I have a stylus but the thinnest line settings are too thick to take real notes. Would love some ideas.
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    iPad owners average age

    I got an iPad for my 60th birthday last week.