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    ipad as a PDF/document reader

    This is my only real work use of the iPad 2--aside from notes in meetings and synching with my Google calendar. I read a ton of scholarly journal article PDFs, and have been doing a lot of that on my iPad 2. Goodreader is fantastic for reading PDFs. Easy to load them in and organize into...
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    iPad 2 Uses

    Here's the thread on this from the General Ipad Forum.
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    How low do you let your ipad battery get before charging?

    Shouldn't make much difference since it uses so little power when asleep.
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    Fed Ex Breaking Estimated Delivery

    Mine came 2 days earlier than the estimate last week. Estimated on the 17th, came on the 15th. But I've seen on other forums people getting there's a day later than the estimate. The estimate is just that--and estimate. They tend to deliver on or before them, but they miss it sometimes if...
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    How low do you let your ipad battery get before charging?

    10-20%. I've been charging every other night mostly so often.
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    Could you share some of the useful applications for ipad?

    Here are the ones I've been using the most so far (got my iPad 2 last Tuesday) Dropbox for getting files on the device easily. Goodreader for reading and marking up PDFs Atomic Web Browser--I love tabbed browsing and the private browsing feature Evernote for organzing my notes from meetings...
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    Ipad 2 not moving at Lantau Island

    Could be going slower now I suppose, as shipping volume has increased or something I suppose.
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    If you definitely want one at launch, then yes, get there as early as possible and go with the Apple store and not another store as they'll have the most. Ordering online is a good bet as well just so you're further ahead in the online queue if you happen to strike out trying to buy one...
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    What do you want as members from our forum?

    Oh, I totally get the need to close threads. But think it should only be done when forum rules are being violated or they're totally off topic for the site etc. The thread or two I'm thinking of was just people talking about whether the iPad 3 would be out before next spring, whether it was...
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    Ipad 2 not moving at Lantau Island

    They should move quickly once it leaves Lantau. Mine left Lantau on the 14th, flew to Anchorage the Memphis then Atlanta and got delivered to me in Atlanta around noon on the 15h. Maybe an extra day if you don't live near an airhub and it has to get trucked further.
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    What do you want as members from our forum?

    1. Integrate ignore user option so you get it when you click on the person's name next to their post. I haven't used the ignore feature yet, but I make good use of it on forums I post on more regularly and it's handy to have it built in vs. having to manually enter it in under the User CP. 2...
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    Am I the only one not THRILLED with the new cover? (Case)

    It does cover the back if you fold it over. But it doesn't attach so it will flop around. You can fold it in half on itself and get it to stick together and that makes it easier to hold and keeps it from blocking the back camera as well. It doesn't clean the screen at all. You'll still want...
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    Am I the only one not THRILLED with the new cover? (Case)

    I'd didn't see it as pontificating, but rather pointing out the absurdity of knocking the Smart Cover for being made in a sweat shop when the iPad itself is made in the same types of factories. Which is a good point. Just say the Smart Cover is overpriced like most everything Apple makes and...
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    Who has Backlight bleeding?

    Yep. Apple doesn't send things off for repair. They give you a replacement (will be refurbs rather than new unboxed units down the road probably--but those are good as new so who cares). They'll send the broken one you gave them off to be refurbed after giving you a new one.
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    Leather or Polyurethane Smart Cover?

    No, Apples disclaimer says it can bleed, which means it can rub off on others. Doesn't mean it will happen on all or even most of them. Just a cover their ass disclaimer as any kind of dyed leather has a risk of bleeding onto other things if the dye didn't get properly baked in to the leather...