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Recent content by Djdan

  1. Djdan

    Who Here That Owns An iPad Will Buy The iPad Mini?

    I tend to agree... Sent from my IPad (3rd Gen)
  2. Djdan

    Photo in signature

    Not sure this is possible. If so, I'm not aware of how. Sent from my IPad (3rd Gen)
  3. Djdan

    Best back protector to be used with the Apple Smart Cover? (IPAD 3)

    The Devicewear Union is affordable and phenomenal. I've had it on for months and not removed it once! I own about a dozen cases and this is the one I've stuck with! Sent from my IPad (3rd Gen)
  4. Djdan

    Create group email contacts

    Not sure myself, but heard Adam Christiansen on a very recent "Maccast" podcast go into great detail on this. Might want to give that a listen. Sent from my IPad (3rd Gen)
  5. Djdan

    iPad Case Gallery

    Yep. Me too. Sent from my IPad (3rd Gen)
  6. Djdan

    Suggestion on a Good Note Taking APP ?

    I've used Notability for years for both work and school. Sent from my IPad (3rd Gen)
  7. Djdan

    Screen protector or no?

    Totally agree. Sent from my IPad (3rd Gen)
  8. Djdan

    Facebook Timeline

    You can't. Facebook hasn't made this available in the IPad version yet. Sent from my IPad (3rd Gen)
  9. Djdan

    Where do u use your iPad

    Petty much everywhere. Work, school, home. For productivity or for entertainment, there's nothing better. Sent from my IPad (3rd Gen)
  10. Djdan

    Ipad 2 to ipad3 weight difference

    It's heavier and noticeable, especially if you owned the 2 for a while. But I don't consider it a problem, really. Sent from my IPad (3rd Gen)
  11. Djdan

    64GB Model Usage

    About 10 GB left on mine. I'm an app hog with over 500 installed, 5000 pics, and about 1300 songs. Love having it all with me at all times. Sent from my IPad (3rd Gen)
  12. Djdan

    Smart covers?

    I have the black leather and looks great - 6 months of use. Leather ages, and it's on par with other leather items. I love the thinness, but I do a lot of reading and watching in bed, and the smart cover is horrible for that. I have several cases and switch back and forth depending my needs...
  13. Djdan

    Not yet an iPad owner, but have question re: "taking notes". (Thx!)

    I too have a bamboo stylus, apple Bluetooth keyboard and Notability for my note taking app. Use it for work, college at night and entertainment at home. The iPad truly serves sooo many purposes. It's an awesome investment. Go get it! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  14. Djdan

    Do you own more than one case?

    Just bought the Belkin Cinema Stripe for the 3 and I'm very pleased. The quality is really something. The magnetic on/off is a touch wonky, but fairly consistent. The leather and weight are very nice. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  15. Djdan

    How many apps have you installed on your iPad?

    I just checked and I'm at 503 apps. Yeah, a 64gb, obviously. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD