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  1. Dillyew

    Steve Jobs Passes Away

    I am so grateful to Steve for giving my world an added dimension through Apple's wonderful devices over the past 25 years and for the sheer pleasure in using them because they were—and are such user friendly icons in this sometimes confusing technological world. You will be missed there is...
  2. Dillyew

    Horror story with iTunes sync - please help

    My problem is similar but different in that I managed to keep all my tunes by ticking the boxes, but when I go to include photos (which to me are just as important for its use) it gives me the wonderful option to either have music OR photos, ie it says music will be deleted if I select to synch...
  3. Dillyew

    Anyone addicted to buying cases for their iPad 2

    Cover cases Keeping a close eye on this thread and waiting to see what is around before I commit, but in the meantime - 'cos I can, I made a cover myself, padded and cheerful. The bright piece on the right is the cover which flaps down over and is the same as the triangular pattern. So far...