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  • no; when I search for your username, a BUNCH of other usernames pop up.

    Maybe it would be easier for you to search mine? I think pbfanster is a pretty rare name; it would probably be easy to find if you narrow the search to just the United States.
    I just thought it was humorous that you were introducing yourself to me. I know you didn't know, but I find it kinda funny.
    heh actually, I've recently had a conversation with someone about online chess

    And yes I do play it; however, I'm not really a pro or anything.

    Do you play chess?
    I'll try, but I never got the chance to be friends with kingBowser and spyro king hasn't showed up in a while; I'll try and at least tell them about you though.
    I know, but I talked to a lot of friends I made there over time; that's about it.

    Well not to belittle you or anything, but I think people were already getting bored with the forum. You officially leaving was probably another reason for them to just not care.

    I'm sure a few of them will make their way here; Even I came here and I don't own any apple products.
    I can understand that; I sort of feel the same way.

    Plus now that you're gone, everyone else doesn't care to show up anymore.
    hmmm, can you just tell me something then?

    Why exactly did you leave wii chat? I know you said that you're a "sporty" person and that you lost interest in the wii, but that can't really be the ONLY reason.
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