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  • I only want to get ACCF because more of my friends have it; I might consider getting conduit though.

    Lol, some games say they have wi-fi but they don't actually do anything online; I've seen that on the xbox to, it annoys me! It advertises that it "has Xbox live!" on the case but there's no online options! XD

    I see what you mean

    Oh yeah, it's waaay easier to communicate that way.
    I'll probably get a used copy and get wii speak as well. Yeah if we ever get the chance, we should all talk. Wii speak is able to support 3-way connections, right?

    Lol, I know I just thought it was only a rumor.

    Alright then, I'll check it then

    I'm definately getting SMG2 as well; I think I know what game you're talking about, but I'm not sure if it's a SM64 sequel. BTW I loved SM64 as well but I lost it a couple years ago when I moved! DX

    lol, I would never hand out my phone number again! XD
    Oh, I thought you bought you know how much it costs w/ the wii speak bundle? And Did you ever happen to speak to fox while you rented ACCF? She apparantly has wii speak! 0_0

    LUIGI'S MANSION 2!!? YOU BETTER NOT BE LYING TO ME!!! :mad: Because I loved the first luigi's mansion! That game is so underrated! DX

    Where did you hear about luigi's mansion 2?

    Yeah, there has been a lot of good games coming out recently for the wii; Tatsunoko vs Capcom, and all these new games like metroid other M, super mario galaxy 2; it's all kind of brought my interest back in the wii.

    lol, what are they going to do? Trace it back to my house and murder my family? XD Like I said, I trusted the person I gave it to.
    That sucks; do you wii speak with a lot of people on ACCF? (I only ask because I think I'm getting that game)

    Yeah they think nintendo would have done better job with that.

    LoL! I don't hand out my phone number to just ANYONE; only people that I know I can trust with it.
    Yeah, they should; I don't have wii speak though so it doesn't really matter for me XD

    I hate talking on the comment boxes to, but you make due with what you've got.

    Well the last friend I talked with on the phone during a match, was someone I met online; but I usually do that with friends from school.

    Does it matter if it's one or the other though?
    I know; it's just wierd

    Yeah, I called my friend the other day; luckily we both get free long distance for certain periods of time.
    Wow, you went for the one problem the game has

    It's very fun, but no you can't talk on wi-fi. But most of the people I play with have brawl and we talk there or we just call each other on the phone.
    Lol, you don't have to lie; I know I'm not any good because I'm still just a rookie

    I've only played chess like, 5 or 6 times (Unless you count the matches I played against a computer on my game boy a long time ago; but playing against a computer is WAY different than playing against a person)

    I was never really into chess when I was younger, but now I suddenly want to get good at it. Maybe playing against you would help me to improve; so I demand a rematch!!
    Yeah, just search mine real quick

    I'm the only result that shows up; send me a friend invite if you want to.
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