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  • - IDK, I never really believed that anyways.

    - Oh lol, you said "unless you're black." I was confused for a second

    - It's not sad! DX It's just me refusing to grow up!

    BTW, we ever gonna play chess again?
    I'm told there's no such thing as "just friends" with the opposite sex

    Wait what? It's innocent until proven guilty?

    Lol, I meant still liking pokemon and games like that when I'm older and have kids (not specifically 19)

    Lol, that's normal
    Yeah I know

    Well aren't you a stud

    Yeah, that's usually how it goes

    Lol, I know 19 year olds (who are dads already) that still get excited over pokemon games...lawl, I think I'm gonna be like that someday XD

    Just a joke, I guess it wasn't that funny
    lawl, yeah

    I hate it when that happens! DX

    Even though you've done nothing wrong, the person is still pissed off at you to.

    I think so XD

    you don' 0_0

    Lol, yeah but it definately allowed me to get away with some things. Like I could work overtime and he wouldn't notice, or I could skip one task and he wouldn't mind.

    Although he did do some stupid things like schedule my work shift without even telling me. LOL! I went to work one day after school and my boss was like, "where were you!? I scheduled you to show up 4 hours ago!"

    I was like "0_0 uuuuh...I have school you know."

    It was just something I heard on a movie; some nazi screamed it XD

    I think I'll check it out sometime

    BTW do you have pokemon HG or SS?
    uh, you could tell he was completely miserable with his job

    lol, I think that's actual german XD

    Maybe I'll check that website to
    hm? What do you mean, "how so?"

    I know you were kidding, but I guess I just said that anyways XD

    fuh wut?

    Yeah, well I never could get very many people's friend codes for marokart; I think I got Fox's and someone else's. I tried getting yours too but you kind of ignored me, lol
    So wierd; My last manager was super nice (but in a way that you could tell was just an act; Like he's only friendly because he thinks he has to be) He wouldn't give me much to do and he always let me work extra hours if I requested to do so.

    Lol, you act like I'm irresponsible or something; I'm only 17 dood, I still got a year left until I'm even legally supposed to be on my own.

    For a second there, I thought that was german XD

    Mariokart? IDK, it was really addicting when I first got it but now I can't get back into it anymore; I play it every now and then though.
    Lol, I'm not saying it wouldn't be pathetic XD

    Well I hope it does eventually because that would be pretty pathetic still getting lunch money from your parents when you're 30! XD

    Yeah, It's not bad at all; I mean you're getting paid just for being you

    Yeah, lol; I'm not the best speeling

    Ya I know, but maybe it will happen eventually
    Idk, by being weak or just lazy?

    Lol, I did that for a while; I would just not have lunch and keep the money...I felt a little guilty, but I got like 30 dollars in just 2 weeks so I couldn't help myself. XD Sadly though, my mom doesn't pay for my lunches anymore and I'm just gonna have to get a job if I want cash now.

    I think I do

    Lol, I'm such a phoenix wright nerd XD But yeah, you obviously like a good story in your games then, right? (I mean MGS is very story based) Phoenix wright is basically like a movie/novel: it's mostly a story that you fallow along. The main gameplay is mostly just presenting key evidence and making the important conclusions when you're in court; the rest kind of just plays itself out.

    Lol, spelling fail XD

    I meant to say "coincidence."

    Yeah, maybe we'll just have to wait for wii speak
    Yeah, it's usually easier if you have a reference like that; unless your friend sucks at his job.

    Same here; now I just need the cash to get it

    Lawl, some people would probably say that's a good thing

    LOL! Yeah...I was really into the phoenix wright series at the time; those games are so freakin cool! You have to try them! You would be screaming objection all day to! I mean you like Metal Gear Solid, right? Phoenix wright isn't exactly an action oriented game but the story is really good!

    Is it really all just a conincidence? XD

    Well, IDK how your phone company charges you; if we ever do call, we would have to be sure were not paying too much.
    It isn't impossible to get a job at a young age; I had one when I was 15

    Yeah, I'll definately get wii speak

    Lol, it's so awesome having a video game nerd for an uncle; he's probably the main reason why I'm such a huge video game nerd to, because without him I would've never had access to very many games.

    I would be your lawyer! XD

    LOL! You're talking about the placement of the stars below the letters in the name, right?

    Well since you won't be able to find me and rape me based on just that, I live in washington (Western)
    Lol, I'm not gonna make any promises about conduit though because I have a lot of other games I want to get and I need to get a job still.

    Yeah, I wanted a PS3 but I get to play the xbox for free from my uncle (lol, he buys every game system but he never played the 360 at all so I get to play his).

    I hate that so much.

    Those game cases can be so have you ever read the back of the super mario galaxy case? It says you can "co-op play" with someone, but all player 2 can do is shoot star bits! (And all my friend ever does is just constantly waste as many bits as he can before I just grab the controller)

    hmmm, maybe

    It would depend on where you live though
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