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  • Like myspace? Or like this site? I have Internet restriction so I don't know what it is.
    That's actually a perfect description of me XD

    OI, you sent this two days ago then if it was friday...IDK how we'll play today, I don't think I'll even be online on brawl
    Well kinda

    Alright, but I won't be on brawl for a little while. I got midterms and shiz

    Yeah, I know what you mean
    (in high pitched whiny voice) but I don't wannaaaaaaa! DX

    hmmm, you sent one? But I don't have a pm in my inbox; Yeah, brawl is getting boring but I just go there for the people online. I've made a couple really close friends there.

    I see
    Yeah, sorry I don't; you're just the only one on here that I care to talk to and I usually see you in brawl.

    Well, I can anytime this week...I'm taking a break from brawl. Actually, I'm trying to take a break from the internet in general, lol; but I think a few games of online chess is harmless so send me a private message when you want to play (that way, I'll get an email alert and I'll notice sooner)

    How did you fix it?
    whoa, strange

    I went to log into wii chat just to see if I got any profile comments and I can't log in. I use the same username & password that I use here but it doesn't work for some reason. I've tried, like 5 times on 2 different days. Was I banned or something?

    Oh well, it doesn't really matter to me anymore.
    okay, that's cool


    You better not go easy! But I think we'll have to wait until next weekend now, sorry I wasn't online yesterday
    It's ok

    XD everything makes sense now

    My mommy says I'll always be her wittle boy XD lol

    What about sometime this weekend? (Not tonight though)
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