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Recent content by Deus

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    Need friends for Farm Story

    Add Me Deus3
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    We Rule friends needed!

    Deus3 Add meeeeeeeee
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    We Rule Friends Needed

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    FINALLY!!! Charge your IPad from any computer

    I'm not trying to scare anyone here but please know what you are getting into. This may not work or.... it may kill your PC. Dig around da google and you will find posts from the casualties. Not all of them because..wel...they have no computer to reply from! Again, I am happy to hear of all the...
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    What case do u get for your iPad?

    Bought the Mareware Eco Vue. LOVE this case. It does add weight of course because of the leather but I feel so safe with this and it feel real good in the hand. Eco-Vue for iPad
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    For those looking for Bags for Ipad

    My take: Stormtrooper pointing: "WTF? We are suppose to be taking over the galaxy and your wearing a murse?" Manpurse wearer: "What? It's a satchel. The Ewoks wear them" Stormtrooper: "They also lick their nuts to clean themselves!" "Your a storm trooper for @(*#&@(* sakes. It should at...
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    Who here bought an iPad even though they dislike Apple products?

    I cannot stand apple but I did. I think I will bail on the next iPhone though. HTC Evo looks amazing. Plus I am so sick of Apple and the Nazi regime it has become
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    Predictions for the iPad 2

    They will be upped to 2GHz I am sure
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    For those looking for Bags for Ipad

    I can wear my underwear to work on my head and tell everyone its a hat but its still underwear. These are man purses!
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    Downloading files on the iPad

    You twit! I have been jailbroken from the iPhone 3G to 3gs through the ipad and have NEVER had a problem. I have also had many people I know do this without issue. Its just people who are not that bright that have problems. I guess this is the test for you. If you have not tried it yourself...