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    Sharing iTunes movies with different iPad under different account.

    I'm not sure what's happening here but this is twice that I put a multiple movies on my nephews iPad and my fathers iPads. I have made sure that neither of these iPads are listed under my devices in my account. I have read, that they must have family sharing or the same Apple ID in order for...
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    Ipad Cellular question?

    Every iPhone I've ever had has done it. If I turn it on and look quickly I see the LTE. They might not connect to my router quick enough or something. Sometimes it takes 4 or 5 seconds for the wifi to pop up on it. The iPad is doing it instantly though.
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    Ipad Cellular question?

    No, on the iPhone, the wifi does not stay on when the screen goes off. Because when I turn the iPhone on, it's on LTE and it takes a few seconds for the wifi to pop up. Usually just like one second though. But I can see that it's on LTE when it's asleep. So I'm wondering if the iPad does the...
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    Ipad Cellular question?

    I just got my iPad mini with LTE today. I was wondering if it is like the iPhone in regards to cellular data. For example, when my iPhone is connected to wifi, when I turn the screen off, the wifi goes off and it turns to LTE. When I turn the screen off the iPad, does it turn to LTE?
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    iPad backup to new iPad?

    Okay, so even though I do iCloud backup, it would be faster to do it with iTunes so I don't have to download anything right? Also, what happens to the old iPad? Does the new iPad get a new name, though it has the old iPad's information on it?
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    iPad backup to new iPad?

    I read that when activating the new iPad from a backup from the old iPad it would transfer movies and music downloaded from iTunes. BUT if I have deleted those movies and some of that music from my iPad will it still go automatically download everything I've ever bought from the device? Because...
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    anyone buying applecare+ on ipad air 2?

    I got mine new iPad from Verizon, the 10 dollar a month thing is what I pay. Covers everything. I do the edge program, so I get the new iPad every year, or when 60% of it is paid, I upgrade. The 10 dollar program they have covers more than apple care. Since apple care comes with the device for...
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    iPad mini 3 vs iPad air 2 for future apps?? Garageband, iMovie

    I posted another thread explaining that I prefer the size of the iPad mini better so I have ordered one, although it has not been shipped so I can switch to an iPad air 2 if I want to. One thing I am wondering, since I do run garageband, iMovie, and all types of apps like that, what will the...
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    Which iPad should I get being an iPhone 6 Plus owner?

    I will stick with the iPad mini then. I have a 128Gb LTE from Verizon on the way. I do prefer the mini to the big size iPad and I have had no doubt about that. It's just that the iPhone 6 Plus is so large, I wondered if it would benefit me more having a larger iPad. I do not think the iPhone...
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    Not getting iMessages on iPhone

    Yes, but it turned them on for you. You have to turn them off.
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    External Mics / guitar inputs.

    But as I said, all the options I listed, plug into the lightning jack. I do not plug into the headphone jack. That will not record at high quality
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    External Mics / guitar inputs.

    This is what I do, I use the iRig HD, which hooks into the lightning connector, (Not like the old iRig that goes through the headphone jack) It records at 24 bit and comes with amplitube metal, which opens up in garage band. THEN, for acoustic, I carry my zoom h4n which has great condenser...
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    Which iPad should I get being an iPhone 6 Plus owner?

    I am in a dilemma that I have to figure out very soon. I am getting an iPad and iPhone 6 Plus from Verizon. I already have the iPhone 6 Plus in the mail. Not in my hands yet. I already OWN an iPad mini retina, but Verizon is giving me a special deal to get one with an LTE antenna, so I am giving...