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  1. Deathclaw

    Deleting songs off icloud

    So I have songs that are not grey but they do require a wifi connection to play. I believe that means they are on iCloud because I've never used iTunes Match (which is turned off). This creates duplicates, a song that needs wifi connection and a song that works off of wifi because one version is...
  2. Deathclaw

    Holding off buying iPad mini for mini 2

    How does one put mini in the car?
  3. Deathclaw

    Ultimate List of Jailbreak Tweaks

    Is Icleaner up there? I'm pretty sure that's a free app from big boss I think Icleaner is a ultimate because nothing really gets erased from the ipad instantly and if you always use cydia you can get lots of bloat ware. For people who don't use ifile or have a pc Icleaner cleans the ipad of...
  4. Deathclaw

    Ultimate List of Jailbreak Tweaks

    Yea I jus realized that. I forgot it was a purchased thing. Sorry. Good for the money though I do admit.
  5. Deathclaw

    Ultimate List of Jailbreak Tweaks

    Aqua board is a good free tweak
  6. Deathclaw

    Best Ios 6 Tweaks

    Hey everyone I'm running out of cool tweaks and just when I think I have them all I'd jus want to be sure. So if you guys have any new tweaks or unique tweaks I'd love you to share them!! :)
  7. Deathclaw

    Finally got my mini!

    Thats what I said haha but mines already full lol. White looks nice but I chose black cuz my mini goes everywhere with me whether I'm dirt biking or going to school
  8. Deathclaw

    Finally got my mini!

    Did you get the 32?? :))
  9. Deathclaw


    Is there a way to set a song as a ringtone? I don't want to buy a ringtone. So is there a app to make them from songs I already have purchased?
  10. Deathclaw

    Finally got my mini!

    What kind of apps are essential to you? I've had numerous ipads and have a gazillion apps
  11. Deathclaw

    If you haven't gotten an iPad yet, Get an iPad Mini, much more reasonable!

    I completely agree I sold my iPad 2 to buy iPad mini as well and I am impressed. First I thought the iPad mini wouldn't be that good but once I Held one i was amazed by the weight and battery life is amazing and that 32 GB and it's almost full it still runs extremely fast which is extremely...
  12. Deathclaw

    Sbsettings ios 6.1.2

    Sweet :) thank you
  13. Deathclaw

    Greyed out songs after using bridge tweak

    So I used bridge to import songs to my iTunes media library and the problem is when I tried to import the song I got greyed out songs. When I connected to wifi the song became normal but ask me to connect to wifi to play the song however the other copy works fine. Any way to fix this? I want to...
  14. Deathclaw

    Holding off buying iPad mini for mini 2

    I have the first gen ipad mini and love it. The screen looks just like a retina to me I honestly don't even notice. You gotta live in the moment but if you wanna wait that's cool too. I agree though I don't think the batter life will be extended and I certainly do not think the ipad mini will...