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    Jailbreaking os4 - Pros vs. Cons

    Actually JB has been always legal even before the incident a few months ago, but it DOES violate your warranty with Apple. Steve Jobs made it very clear that it is your choice to jailbreak your device but Apple will drop the warranty of it.
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    4.2.1 Untethered Jailbreak Released!

    Nice :DDDDDDDD
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    Good news?

    So this bootrom JB is unpatchable by apple? That means that we won't have to worry about JBing again with every patch coming out? I'd like that cause I don't want to install every app I installed with JB again and again with every patch.
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    Ideal PDF reader for large / multiple documents. Advise please.

    Goodreader has its own proprietary PDF engine that can read very large files better than any program out there. Have you tried anything 100mb+ with other reader? They crawl like insects. Whenever you encounter something in your browser, put "g" in front of the address you have...
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    Ipad having problems with school email address?

    How did you setup your account?
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    X-Marks about to be gone; viable alternative?

    I already changed to firefox native sync. If there is firefox sync website you can download your bookmark from, I think you can use that xml file with Atomic or iCab browser.
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    Office apps

    Setup WebDav account in it. provides a free WebDav(Googledocs and dropbox don't :( !
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    Restoring apps individually?

    So many work/playing I did since the last backup that I'd be deleting too much stuff. TY for the help tho.
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    Ideal PDF reader for large / multiple documents. Advise please.

    Only PDF reader is the one and only Goodreader. It is the only one that can read 300mb+ image heavy PDF files. iAnnotate sucks compared to Goodreader. iAnnotate literally like hours to make the files to its format in the beginning.
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    Office apps

    If you are female and love cute stuff, go with Apple's iWork apps. They look the best and they have the best compatibility. The latest update gave them the ability to upload to
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    Restoring apps individually?

    yes the new downloaded app is brand new
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    Restoring apps individually?

    no i won't have my notes :(
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    Restoring apps individually?

    Hi I accidentally deleted my note-taking app, Noterize. I was wondering if I can restore one app only through iTunes. If I can't, is there a way to extract the notes from the saved backup? Thanks in advance.
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    evo tether to iPad

    pdanet is just one of the ways that androids can tether. You can tether through bluetooth and wifi. Androids can also become true wifi routers if the phone supports it.
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    How to get more apps on the bottom

    Is that compatible with iPad?