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    Internet through a PC and Tracing Images

    Hey folks, I would love some help with a couple of things. Firstly, I have my PC connected to the internet through my Nokia E71 3G connection. I set up an ad-hoc wifi network and connected the IPad. This gave me internet on the IPad when I first connected, but all subsequent attempts have...
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    Please Help Me Learn to Love My Ipad

    Dear Forum members, My Ipad is driving me bonkers. I really want to love this device but I think I need some help learning how to love it. I am finding a few things very frustrating. Certain capabilities that should be very basic seem to be impossible. The main cause appears to be some...
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    My First Impressions

    Hello Ipad Forum, I am new to the Apple OS and am keen to get some tips from the old hats. I was very excited to get my new Ipad last week and have managed to waste enormous amounts of time searching for the perfect App that usually doesn't exist. I look forward to talking Ipad with you...