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    Ibooks won't install

    Did you try the linked Cydia fix and it didn't work? You can safely assume you have the latest version of iBooks if you aren't seeing an update available for it in the App Store. If you are looking for the old version of iBooks on your hard drive it will be significantly smaller in size than...
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    Ibooks won't install

    I have to apologize for pointing you towards that link. I bookmarked three sites when I was having similar problems to yours and that link I provided is NOT what I had to go through to get my iBooks working. That looks like a lot of work .... There is actually a package available through...
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    Ibooks won't install

    This is a pretty common problem with the current jailbreak and iBooks. The fix is pretty easy however: Fix iBooks Crashing Error iOS 5.0.1 Untethered Jailbreak [iBooks.deb] |
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    How do you see Apple killing Android forever ?

    Actually there are RAM form factor SSDs already available, just not widely in the consumer market. Form factor is meaningless, but generally when talking about actual SSDs the device has an interface to make it work with existing hard drive ready systems. Perhaps that exists in the ipad...
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    How do you see Apple killing Android forever ?

    I fully understand what a SSD is and I also understand that calling the flash memory system used in the iPad a SSD is a stretch at best. A SSD is simply a solid state replacement for a hard drive and it uses an interface compatible with traditional hard disks (SATA in most modern...
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    How do you see Apple killing Android forever ?

    Then again, the Ipad doesn't have a SSD either. It has a flash drive just like my iPhone does. That is still loads better than an add-on SD card performance-wise but it still isn't a SSD.
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    How do you see Apple killing Android forever ?

    The first step for Apple to kill off Android forever? Get rid ofxxxxxxxx Itunes. World domination might be soon to follow. Be carefully what you imply as you may be the one that is banned not iTunes.... Show respect please. ... Administrator
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    How do you see Apple killing Android forever ?

    Exactly how are we defining "fat" in terms of phones? My iPhone 4S is an absolute brick compared to most Android phones out there but it does have a smaller screen than many at the same time. One nice thing about Android (being said as a 4S owner) is the versatility in devices available. If...
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    Tired of iPad lagging and freezing on 5.0.1. Is there a reliable backward path?

    Do a Google search on downgrading without SHSH blobs. I have successfully downgraded an iPod Touch (2G) as well as my Ipad (1G) without saved blobs. It takes a little bit of work and finding the right files can be a royal pain but it can be done and works just fine. Full disclosure however, I...
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    Which Smartphone

    As stated earlier, the most compelling reason to go with the iPhone if you are an iPad user is sharing apps between devices. This is what my deciding factor was in choosing the iPhone over Android. If you are considering the new iPhone however I would hold off for a bit to see if Apple can...
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    iPad 2 or Macbook Pro??

    Like most above posters have said, get what fits your needs. I purchased a new Macbook Pro 13" about five weeks ago and I think I have turned on my iPad maybe a dozen times since. I haven't charged my iPad in more than a week and it still has 67% battery left. I still think the iPad is neat...
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    Word - Excel - PowerPoint

    You are pretty much out of luck when it comes to VBA support, or at least that has been my experience. Excel sheets without VBA and complex macro support is next to worthless for me, so my iPad stays out of the office. I am also wondering about Office 365, but I still have a feeling most of...
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    Alaska Airlines doesn't need Flash

    Interesting, but what exactly does this have to do with Flash? Did the paper manuals that got replaced with iPads somehow use Flash technology?
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    Mac Book Pro ~

    I meant more physical space. The MacBook Pro case really is sort of a work of art when you look at how thin yet strong it is. That thinness however leaves very little room for airflow through the case and it can get very hot in a very short amount of time. If you are doing anything even...
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    iOS 5- what would you like to see for iPad?

    I think you are missing the point here. The point is that there are ways to bring Flash to mobile platforms that can balance excessive power demands with being able to view certain content. The argument isn't about energy use of Flash versus any other type of content, it is that there are ways...