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Recent content by Dave_227

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    Do you have a server in minecraft pe?

    Online and Local multiplayer has been added in MCPE 0.7.0 but only select people can access the "Realms" service. (Realms = Online Multiplayer)
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    Is anyone else having massive lag issues in iOS 7

    I don't see the problem, my iPad mini is running iOS 7 beautifully!
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    NYPD cops encourage iPhone/iPad owners to download iOS 7

    While I may not be in this area, NYPD is REALLY helping Apple with iOS 7. :ipad-front::thumbs:
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    How do you access iPF? App or browser?

    App Sent from my iPad mini using iPF.
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    What did you purchase with your iPad

    Um, 360' Degree Case for Mini. Sent from my iPad mini using iPF.
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    What e-mail service(s) do you use?

    iCloud, Gmail, and Hotmail (Outlook) Sent from my iPad mini using iPF.
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    Did you buy your iPad or was it a gift?

    I bought my iPad mini since I was saving money for 2 years, I was going to get a iPad 2 because the mini hadn't come out lol Sent from my iPad mini using iPF.
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    iPad owners average age

    I have a iPad mini and iPod touch 2G and I'm 10 (LOL) Sent from my iPad mini using iPF.
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    How Many Apple Products Do You Own?

    Household: iPad 3 Wi-Fi Black 16GB - A case (idk which 1) iPad mini Wi-Fi Black 16GB - Smart Cover iPad mini Wi-Fi Black 16 GB - 360' Degree Case <--- Mine!! iPhone 4S 3G Black 16GB - A case (don't know...) iPhone 5 LTE Black 16GB - A case (don't know either...) iPhone 5 LTE Black 16GB -...
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    Ipad mini or ipad with retina display/ipad4?

    Go for the Retina Display iPad 4 if you want speed and power and graphics to the max but if you want portability, awesomeness, and the iPad experience on the go, go for the mini. ;) Go for the LTE versions if you like. :)
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    Favorite Ipad Browser

    Now with iOS 7's Safari, I use that and deleted Chrome off my iPad for extra space. :)
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    Do any of u guys like minecraft

    I got started with Pocket then got PC, played the crap out of PC. XD I still own both.
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    Apple sets up site to refund parents whose kids purchased iOS junk

    That's why I have my own Apple ID. :D
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    Survey: iPad users prefer to hold it in landscape mode and surf at night

    I personally use Landscape more than Portrait.
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    Hey, my first Apple product!!

    Awesome! I just got my iPad too! Although I previously owned a iPod touch 2G...