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Recent content by dancing bird

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    I got two cases. Some thoughts..

    much more choice for leather ipad case Hey, write-stuff. just want to recommend you much more leather ipad case from this link: KINROO Electronics Co.,Ltd. , hope there is any one you'll like. :):)
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    Another Case thread !

    hardshell case with frosted surface Hey Numblock, this one KINROO Electronics Co.,Ltd. is suitable for your market. Please have a check here.
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    Great Leather Cover

    it's beautifull, and also very expensive. I know the genuine leather case from at reasonable price. Anyone you like ?
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    In Need of the PERFECT Case - For Business

    various iPad case Hey, 10spro. There are many perfect cases less than US$40, please check the various cases via this link: KINROO Electronics Co.,Ltd. . is there any item do you like ?
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    Really nice carry bag for Ipad!!

    laptop bag it's oK for genttleman, is there any charming one for ladies ?
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    Lack of iPad Accessories?

    much more iPad accessories will come soonest I completely agree with cwisnoski, much more iPad accessories: case, bag, sleeve, protect film...... will come soonest to meet market demand. At present, iPad only sold in USA, when sold all over the world, you'll see a much more crazy iPad market...
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    Hard Candy Cases Intro's New Line of iPad Cases

    Hey, the pictures is too small to show its image, sorry, i don't know how to insert pictures. If not clear, please check the link here: KINROO Electronics Co.,Ltd.
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    Hard Candy Cases Intro's New Line of iPad Cases

    Hey Arjen, how about this hard iPad case ?
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    In Need of the PERFECT Case - For Business

    leather iPad case Hey Mjeagent, it's like this one ?
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    how much money have you spent on the Ipad so far

    good idea to have 2 cases Good idea to have 2 cases, we can have a change anytime.:)
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    hello Chiffchaff, how are you ?

    hello Chiffchaff, how are you ?
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    Dock-able iPad protection

    supper thin iPad case Hey, Franknewbridge, it's very good of 1.5 thickness. Please check here: KINROO Electronics Co.,Ltd. . I have got one in my hands, really supper thin, but strong and hard to fit iPad very well.
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    iPad Case Reviews

    kinroo website Kinroo website is, it's available to search by google.
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    iPad Case Reviews

    my favorite iPad cover: KINROO Electronics Co.,Ltd. for your chioce freely.
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    ipad sleeve

    unique iPad case Hey, this unique iPad cover for your reference:KINROO Electronics Co.,Ltd. :):)