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Recent content by dalepa

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    Its official, some new iPads have problems

    Its possible to burn over 2 Gbyte up in 5 minutes on a 55Mbit LTE link! Verizon is touting "LTE is 10 times faster", so why not give 10 times more data or 20Gbyte/month? I see a DataGate in the near future when LTE customers (like me) burn though 2GB in one week without even watching a movie!
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    LTE Rate Plans are WACKED!

    Since LTE is 10 times faster, why hasn't the data limits been increased by 10x? For those who are lucky enough to get 55Mbit/sec on LTE, do you realize that you'll could bust the 2GB rate plan in 5 minutes? I'm already at 1.6GB in one week! Not even one movie watched yet. Not happy.
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    Power hungry iPad

    After charging my ipad all night, I turned it on at 8am and read for about 10 minutes... Drove into work without using the ipad since 8:10am, ann now my ipad is at 92% battery at 9am. Lost 8% in about an hour... Is this normal, or do I have an app that has issues... I do have the Good...
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    Has anyone else found the new iPad has a less neutral white balance/ color palette?

    Yes, first thing I noticed when comparing to my ipad 1 was the white balance difference. My iPad 3 has a bluish or almost purple tent to it which makes some yellows look green. Is there a way to adjust white balance? May have to return this one...
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    Does your iPad 3 heat up excessively?

    I'm currently charging, so maybe it's hit while charging?
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    Does your iPad 3 heat up excessively?

    I don't use a case, and hopefully the heat will go away, because My hand is getting hot... 1 hour of use...
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    Is the new screen that big of a deal?

    1st hour... My ipad3 has a purpleish tent when compared to the ipad1... The screen looks just a little better to me so far... No screen WOW factor yet for me... The speed of typing, download speed and overall app speed is significantly better than the iPad 1 I'm not liking the heat...