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Recent content by cvadh387

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    Are you buying the iPad 2?

    I love my iPad 2!! I don't care that the "iPad 3" or new iPad came out...I'm very happy with my iPad 2 :D
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    Trouble with iOS 5 Update

    Its weird because i just started using my ipad again (since last night), and i tried to download an app to see if the same problem happened..and it didnt! It let me download the app this im wondering is there only gonna be an error some of the time? Because if the problem randomly fixed...
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    Trouble with iOS 5 Update

    Hi guys, I need your help! Im sorry if i posted this in the wrong section. Not sure if it should go here or the ios 5 section, but right now, i dont know whats causing the problem... So i upgraded my ipad2 to ios 5 today. It started to restore my ipad too..dont know why. I never told it to...
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    How many of you bring your ipad to work to use on lunch and breaks?

    I brought my ipad a few times to work. I dont do it often, but when i do, its just to play games during break lol. Sent from my iPad2 using iPF
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    Best Smart Cover color for white iPad 2?

    I have light gray...just like the one in my avatar Sent from my iPad2 using iPF
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    Need neighbors in city friends!!

    My plus+ id for city friends is: connie318 Sent from my iPad2 using iPF
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    iPad Users in Cali!

    Seeing that its passed may 21st now, i was just wondering how the meet up went? Anything cool happen or any pictures to share? I am also from california but did not attend. Sent from my iPad2 using iPF
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    What's the last movie you saw?

    The last movie i saw in theaters was hangover 2. I thought it sucked least compared to the first one. Sent from my iPad2 using iPF
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    Whats your charging routine?

    I run my ipad down to about 10-20% before i charge it, and once every month i drain it all the way down and then charge it back up to 100%. I also shut down my ipad every night before i go to sleep, or when i know i wont be using it for a few hours. Does anyone know if its bad to shut down the...
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    What future iPad color would you like to see Apple make?

    I think silver or gray would be a nice color for the ipad.. :) Sent from my iPad2 using iPF
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    Plus friends for we rule, we city, city friends, etc.

    My plus+ id on city friends is: connie318 . Add me!! Sent from my iPad2 using iPF
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    Black or white iPad 2?

    I got the white one.. I wanted something other than black since my ipod touch is black..and i like the look of the white ipad better. For the second generation of ipads, i really appreciated the fact that we were able to choose between white and black Sent from my iPad2 using iPF
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    How many apps on an average do people have

    I've currently got 53 apps! Sent from my iPad2 using iPF
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    City friends - Plus friends

    I've been looking for a thread like this forever!! Too bad not many people have responded to it... my friend plus+ ID for City Friends is: connie318. Add me!! I can't play right now because I'm at work :(
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    Does anyone know any good free games for ipad/ipod touch?

    Not sure what kind of games you're into..but I like playing City Friends. You get to build your own city.