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Recent content by Craig

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    What bag ?? Ipad and Ultra slim Notebook

    Saddleback Leather Co. i carry an 11" MBAir, my iPad, and a notebook (plus the iPad charger) in a small satchel. Super high quality. Look at reviews on YouTube.
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    iPad vs HP Slate

    they are acquiring Palm and most likely are going to implement WebOS on the slate. it's a great move.
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    Why 4:3? Why not wide-screen?

    the web would look weird in portrait view.
  4. C ROCKS!

    great site :) I visit everyday
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    The "My 3g Is Here!" Thread.

    haha I'm actually watching my daughter for a bit. I'll probably dig into it after lunch. The downer is that I don't even have 3G where I live. I'm about half a mile from the signal though so anytime I head into "town" in covered.
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    The "My 3g Is Here!" Thread.

    just arrived what did I win? :)
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    How often do you charge your iPad?

    I charge it every three to four days depending on usage. flew to Canada for a week and charged it once the entire time. it was great.
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    several people in Pennsylvania are reporting they are scheduled to receive them today. that was where at least one depot storing the 3G ipads was.
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    shipped. due by 3 pm tomorrow. now to pass the ipad wifi off to the wife and truly go mobile.
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    2 Great Websites For iPad Owners

    appshopper is a macrumors property. it's a first class operation that is a better way to browse apps than is currently available in the app store IMO.
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    Prepared for Shipment Finally

    Prepared For Shipment here as well. Sooo close! :D
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    I have logged into a few Starbucks wifi networks without using my ATT login credentials. it is my belief that the Starbucks/ATT network is often times confusing the iPad for the iPhone and giving it temporary wifi access.
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    iPad Ready Sites

    just about all the video I have found works fine. all YouTube I've run into works right in the browser too. pretty nice.
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    Got It!

    extra nerd points if you got a pic like this :) and here it is
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    Got It!

    got mine about 30 mins ago. didn't say 'out for delivery' and they showed up with it.