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    IPad Stolen

    Apple will not do anything at all, they would have to set up a whole separate legal/tracking department just to deal with all the police and legal issues involved with recovery, just not gonna happen...The best thing you can do is report this to the police/airport police department and file a...
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    How Many Apple Products Do You Own?

    17" MacBook Pro MacBook Air Bronze keyboard Powerbook Mac Mini Apple TV 2 iPhones 64GB 3G iPad 2 Bluetooth keyboards Mighty Mouse 5 Assorted iPods along with the original (still working) iPod that got me started
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    iPad from eBay has no SIM card?

    YES, they do come from the factory with a sim card. this iPad was probably used and the sim card was removed before selling, possibly due to the fact it was "attached "to the original owners account. As previous posters have said just go to an ATT store and obtain a new one, no big deal.
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    Well this sucks...

    Restore the iPad using iTunes, then go through the spirit Jailbreak again, relax and be patient Spirit for the iPad is in "Beta" and I had to run it twice. The restore wont affect it or keep you from jailbreaking at all.