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    Cydia finding an app help please

    Hi, My iPad is now jailbroken. I have installed Cydia and now I want to buy the application ibluever. I have looked in the freebie bit and in the store where the apps are listed but I can't find it. Is there any way to search for it in Cydia? If not can someone please direct me as to how to...
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    Trying to look at the limeraIn website but ....

    I finally figured out what the problem was .... Vista. I moved onto another of our PCs that runs XP. Updated iTunes to the latest version, updated iPad to 3.2.2. Went to and ran the software and it worked in a couple of minutes. So if anyone else is having problems and you are...
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    Trying to look at the limeraIn website but ....

    when I go to I get a page with the green raindrop. Underneath that are the windows and Mac symbols and beneath that A paypal for donations. The only thing that works is Paypal, the rest just open the image in a larger size. Any suggestions?
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    software version 3.2 which jailbreak?

    Hi, I haven't updated my iPad software since I bought it so i have version 3.2, which is the best jailbreak to use? TIA, Louise
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    2 things missing from iPad that really annoy me

    I miss the fact it doesn't have a USB and we don't have a wifi printer at home.
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    Plan on getting a Zagg Invisibleshield for your iPad?

    I ordered this last night as I can't find it in-stock anywhere locally and I didn't want to join a wait-list. I got it for $20 + $7 shipping to Canada for the fully body protection. Thanks to the poster who said they would be half price on Memorial Day :)
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    I thought it was just me that was sick of Winnie the Pooh. I downloaded the Kindle application and have been buying books from - they opened up the Kindle ownloads to any country that now sells the iPad.
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    iPad Pre-Order Shipping date changed again

    OMG that is crazy, if you hadn't checked you'd certainly have missed it completely. It sounds like you need to call the 1-800 number, they can call the local depot and give you an eta and also definitely confirm it is on the truck.
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    First Regent Street iPad buyer!!

    Keep the news clippings a great story for your family
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    iPad Pre-Order Shipping date changed again

    Wow, what a tale. But at least you have it in your hands now. I get the impression that they got so many pre-orders were so high that store sales were lower than expected. Two people I know bought iPads on their way home from work with no lineups. Looking at inventory this morning the stores...
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    Official iPad Owners List

    I am now the happy owner of a 64GB wifi and really happy so far!
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    Am I the only one sad enough .....

    I have left the plastic protective cover it came wrapped in intact until I can buy a screen protector. I think my husband thinks I am sad but I don't want either fingerprint marks or scratches!
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    iPad Pre-Order Shipping date changed again

    The guy who delivered mine literally ran up and down the drive. He was wanting to finish work and couldn't until his cube van was empty. I know the magnitude of shipping etc was huge, I understand that. My annoyance was with not being told of delays etc. If I hadn't phoned up I wouldn't have...
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    New and stuck with itunes and shuffle

    I had tried the apple site but the text was so small I was having trouble reading it. Figured out by accident how to make it bigger! This is a PC nerd trying to figure out an apple product!!!
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    New and stuck with itunes and shuffle

    Thanks for the info