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  1. clermont

    Ipad air wont downoad pages stops 1/2 way

    Needing some advice, hubby's iPad air, is giving us the xxxx..... it is connected to the internet Ok. can receive emails etc, but when you go to download an internet page the little blue line gets about 1/4 of the way across the page and then stops.. the rest of the page doesn't download... the...
  2. clermont

    iPad 2 USB adaptor device

    i have an adaptor that connects to my iPad 2 and you connect a jump drive to it so you can view photos on your iPad that are stored on the USB it plugs in fine but it brings up the photos on the iPad, so how do I view what is on the USB
  3. clermont

    Itunes account

    What I was wanting was to be able to actually go into your itunes store and view it like you can on the computer,
  4. clermont

    Accessing your itunes account via ipad

    Is it possible to access your iTunes account via your iPad. that is log into your iTunes account, or is it only available via computer...... some people have only an iPad, so how do they access their iTunes account.....
  5. clermont

    Getting audio books onto your iPod...

    Can I ask what DRM Is
  6. clermont

    Getting audio books onto your iPod...

    I think he has that part sort of worked out, and think he purchased 1 book, but cannot get it to go into the iPod, he has sync the iPod with the computer, but the audio book doesn't seem to be there, its a 5th generation iPod ( whatever that is) he also has a touch iPod as well ( I think that...
  7. clermont

    Getting audio books onto your iPod...

    Posting on behalf of hubby, he wants to buy some audio books, and get them onto his iPod so he can listen while he is driving long distances, can this be done if so how, I can't help him as i only buy eBooks, and have no idea how to help him.... he would need step by step he is...
  8. clermont

    Audio books and whisper sync

    I use my mini iPad for reading books, by the iBooks or kindle app, I would like to download some audio books to listen too, but need whispersync for voice to do that but it says the iPad is not compatible is there another way of doing it, through kindle
  9. clermont

    changing iCloud log in info

    had to change Apple details, email address and password, got that sorted ok on computer and iPad, but iPhone iCloud is still showing the old email address log in details, cannot remember the password for it, and the email id has been cancelled, through the server, so my question is, how do I...
  10. clermont

    How to find storage amount on ipads

    hi I have a iPad mini & iPad 2 the iPad 2 is a 64 gig but not sure on how big the iPad mini is, where do I look to find what size gig it is and also how much gig I have used on both the mini & iPad 2 Thanks
  11. clermont

    need help changing iPad details

    Finally have it back on contacted Apple they helped to restore it to as new
  12. clermont

    need help changing iPad details

    Well all has failed, tried connection to iTunes it saw the iPad,but wouldn't sync, then we tried the restore to new, no difference it went through everything, still came up needing passcode, we gave up last night, now it won't even turn on..
  13. clermont

    need help changing iPad details

    Thank you we got that sorted but now when he tries to update the iPad it keeps asking for a passcode he has tried 5 times it just fails all attempts
  14. clermont

    need help changing iPad details

    They don't match is there anyone that can do screen shots step by step, because it is different to what the instructions say please
  15. clermont

    need help changing iPad details

    Hubby has been given a new email address and needs to cancel the one he used to set up his iPad, but I can't remember how to do it, the new email will be used to log into the iTunes Store can anyone help