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    Random Popping/Crackling Noise

    Yup. Happening with mine too.
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    my wife can't find her ipad

    Well? Did she find them?
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    Home Screen Icons Look Wierd...

    Looks like this issue was fixed in the latest update.
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    Home Screen Icons Look Wierd...

    Yeah. It's a real pain to reset all the passwords, thumbprint reader etc.
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    Home Screen Icons Look Wierd...

    Thanks folks. Turning off the passcode and resetting did the trick.
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    Home Screen Icons Look Wierd...

    Turned on my iPad Air 2 the other day and many (but not all) of the icons on my home screen no longer showed a small capture of the website but instead showed only a generic black and white grid like pattern. The links still work it just looks odd. After a few days they all went back to normal...
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    Apple iPad Air Screen Protector: Is it Necessary?

    "The screen on the Air seems more "plastic" to me than my iPad 3." This. Is the Air screen actually plastic or just perhaps thinner glass? It's definitely different than previous versions.
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    Target starts iPad trade-in, offers at least $200 even for your first-generation iPad

    Not sure why my Gen 2 64g AT&T/wifi shows a trade in value of $170.00?
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    I have to agree. It is all they said it would be. Faster, lighter and noticeably smaller in your hands. I've noticed that the "glass" has a feeling more like a light weight plastic... Is it just me?
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    Deleting Apps From My iPad?

    How in iTunes do you tag an app to NOT transfer to your ipad?
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    Update my ipd2 to ios5.1 now i don t have any sound

    Are you sure your iPad didn't reset to "mute?" Try looking in your set up.
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    Am I the only one not THRILLED with the new cover? (Case)

    "It does clean some of the screen if you carry it around all day like I do to meetings. You can see what's been cleaned by the stripes of finger oil that are still on the screen where the inside of the cover has indentations for the folds. Those areas do not contact the screen." I've got to...
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    Have any non-Apple stores been re-stocked?

    What do you suppose "Limited Availability" means?
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    Oprah Calls the iPad “The Best Invention of the Century So Farâ€

    I just tried to view the Oprah "My Favorite Things" episode from HuluPlus only to find out it's "web only" and can't be viewed on the iPad. Seems ironic don't you think?
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    I'm sold on the magic of MobileMe!

    Has MobileMe been optimized for iPad yet?