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    Best stylus for ipad

    I have the TruGlide Duo stylus. I like the fiber tip, it seems smaller than the others, it has a good feel, and I like the pen that uses pilot refills on the other end. I had a stylus that stopped work, the fiber became detached and the company replaced it, no hassles. I am also curious about...
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    iTunes/iPad sync issue

    Whenever I sync my iPad (version 1, with iOS 5.0.1), I get a message that 1 item could not sync, check iTunes for further info. I can't seem to find anywhere in iTunes what this issue is. I do have a TV show sneak peek I downloaded on the iPad, then deleted, but it is still showing up on my...
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    Best note taking app for iPad

    Question for Notify users. If I already own WritePad, will I have to buy it again if I get Notify? I like WritePad, but it is too limited, no freehand writing. I have tried PhatPad, but it seems clumsy. Thinking about trying Notify and want the handwriting recognition.
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    Need Help

    My hard disk on an old PC computer has crashed. Not sure if it is recoverable, still being looked at. I am now using my son's computer (who is in college with a new laptop). I have all the music I purchased from iTunes already in the library. But I have two thousand songs that I ripped from...
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    Which is the best stylus for iPad

    I just got the AYL stylus. It also has a roller ball pen. I really like it. It works great. I had been using the Hard Candy stylus, but the caps have become loose in less than 1 year's worth of moderate use, the stylus does not have a pocket clip, and the caps do not fit on the other ends of...
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    Outlook for Ipad

    Mail, Contacts and calendar work well with native iPad apps. If your IT people allow Outlook to sync to mobile devices. Tasks require a third party app. I use TaskTask. It works well.
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    Best note taking app for iPad

    Take a look at Phatpad. It is by the same company as Writepad and allow drawing and handwritten notes. Plus it does recognition. I am still holding out hope for an iPad version of OneNote. But I have to admit, hope is fading.
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    Same here. I finally gave up and started using MyPad. Right now, I think I like MyPad better. I like the Twitter like interface. Kept Friendly on my iPad, try to use every once and a while, but it just does not seem to want to work right.
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    App for tech news?

    I like Techwire.
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    Alternative to "The Funnies" available?

    The Houston Chronicle has a great comics website and you can customize the ones you want. The problem I have with everything is that it takes the Houston Chronicle, Go Comics and to get most of the comics I was getting with the Funnies. Too much effort, when it was so nice before...
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    Best To Do / List App

    I use TaskTask because it syncs very nicely with Exchange server. I can then use Outlook and the iPad for tasks. Keeps everything nicely in sync. I am not a big task/to do list maker, so this fits my needs. I do wish both Outlook and TaskTask would allow for subtasks in an outline type format.
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    OneNote for iPad?!

    I down loaded OneNote on my iPad. It is terrible. You have to run it as 2x app, and it blurs the typing. It is basically a viewer for the OneNote notebooks you have stored on the web. Requires OneNote 2010 for it to work. No handwriting, no markups, no web clipping. Typing only and then...
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    Well, looks like this app is dead. Most of the comics I follow on it no longer update. The website is gone. The app is gone from the App Store. Too bad. This was one app I used every day. Gonna miss it. :(
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    Oh, I would love to see this. OneNote itself, with its full functionality not the wimpy one in the app store now, would be the killer app for iPad. But don't hold your breath. The mobile office suite will be for Windows 8, which is being developed for a mobile platform. I don't see a fully...