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Recent content by Caps

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    I wish Steve Jobs could read this

    Send steve an email, he has been responding to a significant amount
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    iPad restore

    So I have bit of a problem, and need to sync my ipad to a different computer than i set it up with. However i don't want to lose everything that i have on it when i sync it (specifically my aps that i purchased on the iPad). Any ideas?
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    Mac help

    so im selling my MacBook Pro (again) and i have let someone borrow it for a couple weeks, so i wanted to know what i can do to clear the hard drive easily? im looking for an equivalent to an iPad restore if possible. anyone know of anything?
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    Best Text Message App for the iPad

    I personally like aim to be honest. I have text+ swell but i don't use it at all
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    Also interested in the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit - Apple Store (U.S.)
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    Sketch Nation $0.99

    I'd like to see how it is on the iPad instead of an iPod
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    iPad for Students

    Glad to see another student using it
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    Alternative ipad stand, what do you think?

    I like it
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    An eager iPad developer

    I would be interested
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    Financial program for IPAD

    I'm interested aswell
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    3D on Your iPad Without 3D Glasses

    Cool find
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    To those who recently ordered their iPad from Apple?

    Mine was delivered the day apple said it should ship
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    I pre ordered everything online (apple) and they want me to ship it back to get a refund... And they charge a 10% restocking fee
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    Prime Minister runs Norway from NY on iPad!

    And my lambs blue! Lol, but that's not the us president
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    Fancy An iPad Stand for $0.69?

    I love how all these cheap options are popping up