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    Apple Case - Am I the only one?

    I like mine for the most part. It doesn't work well with the keyboard dock so I have to take the iPad out of the case everyday. I also wish it would angle the iPad up a bit more but other than those two things I like it.
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    Has The ipad Ever Frooze On Anybody?

    I see this thread becoming a platform war pretty soon so I'll comment before it does. I didn't have any issues with my iPad until yesterday. Froze up when I tried to get in the iPod app and had GoodReader crash several times when trying to play a video I downloaded. Other than that no issues...
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    GoodReader Export

    I just started using GoodReader and had a question. I used GoodReader to download an mp3 of a friend's song but I don't know if I can export it to iPod. If not, is there a better way to download files from the internet to the iPad?
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    Official iPad Owners List

    Finally a proud owner of a 64GB 3G+Wifi. Love it so far!
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    Cover songs better than the original

    I love Johnny Cash's cover of Hurt. Also, most will probably disagree but I think Shinedown's version of Simple Man is better than the Lynyrd Skynyrd original.
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    World Cup Live on iPad?!?!

    You could go the expensive route and use Slingbox to stream a cable or satellite signal to your iPad.
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    Just placed my order for an iPad on Apple Website...

    I'm debating whether I want to wait the 2 more days or run to Best Buy right now and get it and return the one I get from Apple. :P
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    Slingbox on The iPad.

    I'll be getting one very soon. Probably not in time for the World Cup, but sometime this year. I'll be traveling a lot more this year and it will be nice to have live TV on my iPhone/iPad.
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    Apps for people in IT

    I use LogMeIn Ignition all the time. It's a bit pricey, but well worth it if you need a remote desktop. I've tried a few apps, but this has been the most stable. Plus, I like to use it to jump on Google Translator and have my computer talk to my wife remotely.
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    iPad owners average age

    Thanks! Supposed to get my iPad the day before, so thanks to Apple for the birthday present. ;)
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    iPad owners average age

    I'll be 24 on Friday.
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    Under the Wire...Maybe

    I just heard on TWiT that if you ordered the iPad before the 7th, even if you haven't gotten it yet, you still get the Unlimited option. This makes me very happy.
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    Just placed my order for an iPad on Apple Website...

    Mine said it will be here on the 10th!
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    Official Apple WWDC Conference Thread - June 7th, 2010

    HD video recording and multitasking are the two things that really interested me. Netflix on the iPhone will be pretty cool when I'm bored and need something to watch. Other than that, nothing too exciting. The gyroscope could be cool. Not really sure I want a full movement controller when...
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    Just placed my order for an iPad on Apple Website...

    Bah, hopefully I get it before the 15th. I just booked my trip to E3 and I'm leaving the 14th. Would be nice to have it before then.