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Recent content by cabinowner

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    Calendar help please

    I now use the home button to "take a picture", helps a little
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    How can i permanently delete unwanted apps ?

    I delete unwanted apps on my iPad , no problem. However when I sync with iTunes, they magically reappear. Any way to get rid of them for good? I've gone into iTunes and deleted them from the apps section, doesn't help.
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    Calendar help please

    Have my iPad 2 calendar synced to Microsoft outlook. I am unable to view it on any computer or print. So I went looking for google calendar, not sure if that can give me the print function and access . Any suggestions?
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    Email sections vary on ipad from laptop

    My second email ( sympatico ) shows the inbox and trash, but not the Sent section. With My first email ( hotmail ) I can't the files I set up initially on hotmail via laptop. Any way to change this?
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    Calendar on ipad 2 vs Outlook

    Using all the colors for diff events and love it. However on Outlook, colors don't show. Help please , even suggestions of using backup other than Outlook welcomed.
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    Music and slideshow

    Music on slideshow doesn't play, what have I accidentally turned off?
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    Benefits of itunes versus icloud?

    STill fairly new to the iPad - had no trouble with schedules, etc via iTunes on my pc and syncing to iPad . Then iCloud came along, sounded good, activated it, trouble ever since. I get double calendar events with iCloud, turn it off and I lose my originals. Connect to iTunes which tells me...
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    Deleted apps come nack

    Did that, thanks. It seems like a roundabout way of doing things.
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    Deleted apps come nack

    If I do that than don'i lose the auto transfer for apps I try and want to keep?
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    Deleted apps come nack

    Deleted apps on iPad magically reappear when I access iTunes on laptop- how can I avoid this?
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    Photo sharing issue

    Have tried to share pics lately, looks okay on my side, receiver however cannot open picture, suggestions please !
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    Ipad2 camera attachment email sending problem

    Thanks will try Dropbox as I have that on iPad already
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    Ipad2 camera attachment email sending problem

    iPad will only let me send 5 pics at a time, would be nice to send more , especially this time of year. Even when I send 5 , the receiver is telling me they take a LONG time to open, and sometimes not at all. Noticed the email took a longer than usual time to be sent. Suggestions??
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    Camera attachment for ipad 2

    Wonderful gadget. However now have same pictures in 3 places - files called Last Import, All Imported, and Events. Tried to delete, can do but it deletes everywhere , which is not sensible. Help please
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    Discussions font too small

    It's working? Thanks again