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  1. Bzzone

    Just received my new Zagg 2 Companion!!

    Well it finally came in. I got my Zagg 2 Companion for the iPad 2. I charged it and it connected with no issues. I am typing this post on it too. I'm going to have to get used to the extra iPad specific/special buttons but so far everything is working great. I can type just as fast as I can with...
  2. Bzzone

    What is the biggest app (megabytes) in the Apple app store?

    I've got Navigon that is about 2BG.
  3. Bzzone

    Where are you ipadding from?

    My couch...Lake Elsinore, CA.
  4. Bzzone

    Replacing my laptop with my iPad 2 for my business.

    Hi All, I have ordered Zagg's new iPad Companion which comes with a BT keyboard. Can't wait to get it. I'm typing all of my stuff in this forum on my iPad and doing pretty good. I know my list of needs at the beginning a might have looked like I didn't do any research...but I had. I think I...
  5. Bzzone

    How do you connect to the internet through your ipad when you are out and about?

    Find a Starbucks or a Panara And thy usually have free WiFi. I'm sure there are lots of other places that have free Wifi....I've found several. Maybe purchase/download a WiFi detector software and that will help you discover WiFi networks.
  6. Bzzone

    Replacing my laptop with my iPad 2 for my business.

    Hi All, I have some questions regarding what others may be doing for their business. I am a technical trainer and travel quite a bit. I almost always bring my laptop for my classes. Mainly because I sometimes have to demo things. I was thinking of only bringing my iPad.... Here are my business...
  7. Bzzone

    If you are new, please post an introduction thread.

    Hi....this is Brian from Southern California. I just picked up an iPad 2 WiFi only for Fathers Day! Woo hoo! Love it so far. I just ordered yesterday the new ZaggMate that is still on pre-order. It is supposed to ship July 21st I think. Comes with a Bluetooth keyboard. As well as being a cover.