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    Upgrading To Ipad Air

    Moving from Gen 1 to Air I've had the original iPad for 3 1/2 years, using it nearly every day. Just last night I took it to Target for their trade-in deal. Got a $200 Target gift card that I'll be applying toward the Air. My original was Wi-fi 64Gb and that's what I'll get with the Air also...
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    Ipad air case

    jimt29, What a great idea! I'm going to order one from Amazon. There it was listed for $1.99 + $4.99 shipping. I was planning on getting two cases for my iPad air--one light and one with a keyboard. This might be my light solution. I'm thinking the Kensington Folio Exact for the keyboard case...
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    Apple iPad Air Screen Protector: Is it Necessary?

    I purchased the Gen 1 iPad within a few weeks of its release. Had a screen protector or two for a little while and hated it. Kept it on maybe a month. Been using it almost daily for over 3 1/2 years. Still not a mark on the screen. Just traded it in at Target last night for $200. Much more than...
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    Voice control app for music?

    After some more digging, I found an app called Vokul. It seems to do what I want and works pretty well. I haven't tested everything it can do, but I have been able to tell it to play by artist and by song title, pause, go to next song, etc. I'm using a non-jailbroken iPad 1 running iOS 5.1...
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    Voice control app for music?

    This is probably a dumb question, but is there any app that would allow me to control the music app on my iPad (original)? I would like to be able to do things like pause, skip, play, etc. with voice commands. Thanks! Bruce
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    What are using your iPad for that you didn't expect?

    Two uses I did not anticipate: 1) A remote control and Guide browser for DirecTV 2) Hook up bass pedal, headphones, and bass and use Amazing Slow Downer to learn songs on my bass. All without disturbing anyone else. I even rip bass lesson DVDs to my computer and load them on the iPad to listen...
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    Sync home Outlook and office Exchange Server with separate contacts?

    I've been searching the forums but can't find anything that specifically addresses my question. I currently have my iPad 1 set up to sync my contacts and calendar to Outlook on my home PC running Windows XP. I would like to add syncing to my work Exchange Server for contacts and calendar. On...