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    Should you buy a new iPad 3 or iPad 2 tablet?

    Along with the complaint below (which I have heard from other iPad users), the fact is neither is perfect... and the new iPad 3 is not any "better" of an experience, contrary to what you think. Reality says that iPad 2 had a great year last year, and this is with rather crappy choices in hand. I...
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    pls help me sort out confusion on iibooks vs kindle store ...pros and cons

    I have books from both. Amazon usually has a better selection, but it's best to shop around. It is like music, price and availability.
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    Who's made the jump from 1st gen to 3rd gen?

    Went from the original iPad to the new iPad and could not be happier. :o Still love my original too and will never get rid of it--still works great.
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    I have ordered the new iPad and will receive it soon. We now have iPad 2 so we will have to learn how to deal with one apple account with one email address. Perhaps I need to use a different email with the new one? Glad to have access to this app.