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    iOS 5 Beta Thoughts

    I've been extremely happy with the performance of iOS 5 so far. The only thing I don't like (very minor) is that you can't just swipe a folder closed - now you have to touch it, or it won't close. Minor, but I'm so used to swiping :)
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    iOS 5 Beta Thoughts

    Works fine for me on iPad 2, iOS 5b1. Same functionality that's been there since iPad 1. True, you have to touch, because if you slide your finger, it can make the notification center come out...
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    Screen Protector or Naked?

    I didn't buy a screen protector for possible scratches, because with most normal use,you aren't likely to get them. I bought my Steinheil (SGP) Ultra Optics for the antiglare and to keep fingerprints away :) Glare is the bane of most Apple products - I know more people seem to prefer glossy...
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    Torrents on the iPad 2

    Another way to do it would be to download videos you want to view into a specific directory on the computer, then use AirVideo to stream either over Wifi or 3G.
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    Personal Hotspots

    I don't need to tether that often - I go to several places with hotspots available, but I do tether at work (severely crippled/blocked sites) during lunch, or the rare times at home if the cable messes up. There's no way I'm giving up my unlimited plan and drop to 2 gigs a month, *plus* then pay...
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    How many opted for Applecare for their new iPad 2.

    I buy plans on almost anything over $100 - particularly on printers. I've gotten my money back more often than not on those. I don't buy AppleCare for mobile devices though - you're more likely to have an accident, especially if you use it in public a lot. I've used Squaretrade for both my...
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    Can Ipad 2 print from any wireless HP printer?

    Officially, the only HP printers that natively support the iPad (and iPhone) are the newest models that state they have "e-Print" technology built in. I have one of these printers, and it works pretty seamlessly. e-Print also lets you set up an email address that the printer checks every so...
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    What Do You Sync With (Mac or PC)?

    Mac here - I was a PC guy for a very long time (since the dark, er, DOS 3.3 days), but finally made the switch in 2008. I won't switch back as long as I can help it. Windows caused me too much grief, and as much as I do like Windows 7 (XP was the best version prior to this), it's still got the...
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    iBooks vs. Kindle app

    That's exactly my problem with the Kindle app - it's like reading a mess of words on a screen, not like you're actually reading a book. The iBooks app does tell you what page/how many pages left in the chapter by default. If you highlight a word, you can also do a dictionary search. Wikipedia...
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    iBooks vs. Kindle app

    Foreward: I haven't used an actual Kindle DX in person - I'm assuming the Kindle app is the same experience as the original device. Feel free to correct me if this is not the case. Does anyone else find the Kindle app experience...lacking? When I look at the difference between reading a book...
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    Disappointed with netflix streaming selection

    I can't say that I expect NEW movies to be streamable - I'm sure there must be some licensing issues where only PPV is allowed to show movies soon after their theatrical runs. I'm still a bit disappointed that a LOT of older movies aren't streamable either. I thought for $9, I would be able...
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    Cleaning the screen

    I don't have any more issues with glare or fingerprints since getting my Steinheil antiglare shield. Now instead of cleaning it every few minutes (glass), I only wipe it down maybe once a day or every other day because you just don't get those obvious fingerprints with a decent shield...
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    Official iPad Owners List

    Owner of a 16 gig Wifi model since day 1 - was #6 in line :)
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    Is there a point of having an iPad if you own an iPhone

    I own a Mac Pro, an iPad and an iPhone. I don't own a laptop because, frankly, I'm not mobile enough to need one. If I need to do something quick like email or check something online, the iPhone is more than capable. The iPad usage will be about 99% in-home, or if I go on vacation where a...
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    What apps are you using most?

    My favorites so far are: iBooks Safari Logmein Ignition Media Folders Plants vs. Zombies Mirror's Edge Doodle Jump Waiting for some really good apps to be released…