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  1. brobar

    Multiple bluetooth headphones at the same time?

    I can use my own bluetooth headphones just fine on the iPad. But I wanted to know if it would be possible to pair and use two sets of bluetooth headphones at the same time? I've got the P90X videos on the iPad but the Mrs. and I both want to workout to them down in the gym at the same time...
  2. brobar

    Ability to foward PDF from iBooks in an email

    I know how to get PDFs into iBooks (via downloading from email or through iTunes sync) but if I have a document (let's say a rendered drawing) that is a PDF I synced to iBooks on my iPad and I need to email that PDF to my boss. Is there any way from within iBooks that I can forward a PDF...
  3. brobar

    Drawing on the iPad

    yea... having a Pogo Sketch makes all the difference in the world when drawing. I just can't do it with my finger.
  4. brobar

    Slippery Booger

    Welcome to the forums. Any of the gel cases out there would probably help with grip. I got the Apple iPad cover and really like it. It is very versatile and the rubbery texture adds plenty of grip.
  5. brobar

    My decal for the back... is where I got mine.
  6. brobar

    Logitech diNovo Mini Keyboard

    It controls volume, play/pause music & video on your iPad? If so that is really cool.
  7. brobar

    Logitech diNovo Mini Keyboard

    It looks nice (and portable). A little pricey at almost twice the price of the Apple bluetooth keyboard but it is half the size also so if you don't mind way smaller keys and you need the portability... then the diNovo Mini looks like it might be perfect.
  8. brobar

    Private browsing?

    "Sense of humor"... god didn't pass 'em out to everyone so some people just need to find one. And like others have mentioned... if privacy is a concern you have a couple of options: 1) three clicks: Bookmarks > History > Clear History 2) lock your iPad with a 4 digit login code and don't let...
  9. brobar

    How do you find any magazines that are ready for the iPad?

    Many publishers don't want to give Apple the 30% cut off the price. I don't blame 'em! If they do it in their own app they can keep the prices low for the consumer and have greater control over their own content. The individual magazine apps don't bother me too much. Like for my Advanced...
  10. brobar

    How do you find any magazines that are ready for the iPad?

    I noticed over the weekend that several of my designer and photography mags from the UK (that cost $15 a pop over here in the states) have apps on the iPad where you can get them for $4.99 per single issue or $4.50 an issue if you subscribe for 6 months. The mags look perfectly fine in their...
  11. brobar

    Plants vs. Zombies HD Slays iPad Owners

    It's a great game on the PC and the iPhone. Since I already own it on both I'm gonna hold out till it drops in price a bit. There will be a special on it once the new wears off.
  12. brobar

    Owners...what are you using to clean the smears?

    I got the Monster screen cleaning kit from Best Buy... the micro-fiber cloth in the kit is about 12" x 12" which is really nice for this screen. It just takes one or two (soft) swipes to make the screen look like new again.
  13. brobar

    Oh help yourself!!! I don't own the rights to it so you can do as you please. =)

    Oh help yourself!!! I don't own the rights to it so you can do as you please. =)
  14. brobar

    My decal for the back...

    hehe... if only I had the time! There are plenty of people on Etsy who do exactly that though... use their cricuts to cut out decals just like this and them sell them for $10-$20 a pop. I'm sure since they are doing it for revenue that they may be willing to do some custom jobs if you...
  15. brobar

    PC to Ipad streaming video

    AIR VIDEO! I swear by that app! I've been using it a ton and their iPad version was just approved about a day ago! It works great! LINK It is well worth the price ($2.99). They also have a free version you can test out to see if you like it... the free version only allows you to see 3...