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    Safari & apps repeatedly exit out.

    Hi, I posted here after installing IOS6 still having exactly same issues with Safari...and Google Chrome occasionally too. I began using Mercury two weeks ago and it hasn't exited once! Am not risking IOS7 in case something else goes wrong. Am not good enough at IT to be able to...
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    Safari & apps repeatedly exit out.

    I didn't want to risk losing my passwords etc unless I really have to...I do loads of wasn,t going to reset Settings unless I have to. I have shut Ipad right off, daily, close all apps by holding Home button and deleting jiggling apps etc. If I clear History, will that do any...
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    Safari & apps repeatedly exit out.

    My Ipad 3 has just this week begun exiting to Home Screen usually when I am using Safari. Wondered if it's an update I installed? Or Words with Friends or Bubble Witch games? Any help appreciated. Have tried switching off, also always do exit my apps.
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    Problems with IOS 6?

    Hi, I had same prob. Had my new Ipad since March too. Then a week or so after updating to IOS6, my access to App store went and Wi Fi kept going. Forum help led me to answer...Settings, General, Reset...easier than what the Apple lot got you to do? I'm a real Newbie, mind. I keep posting...
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    Ios 6, missing youtube ?

    Hi, I have the same problem with Jasmine except that it'll play some videos. I really like the way Jasmine shows when it does work. I'm not exactly complaining about IOS 6 but AM frustrated cos I'm not savvy enough to find my way around the problems affecting the restricted feed on...
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    Another Newbie

    Hi again. I still can't get Autofill in Safari back since going to IOS6. I've got iPad3. Got Autofill enabled in settings, turned off Private Browsing, turned the Pad right off and back on a few times. Please, what else can I try?
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    Another Newbie

    Hi all, Had iPad3 for quite a few months now and really love it. Have read the Forum rules already, so I hope this is right. Next stop is to find a thread to ask about Autofill which I used and then lost after updating to IOS6. Am sure I'll be back thanks in advance!