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    ibooks not syncing from ipad to iphone

    Called Apple support that is exactly what they said to do. Love technology when everything works. Thanks for your help.
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    ibooks not syncing from ipad to iphone

    Is there a trick to get ibooks to sync from the ipad to the iphone and back again wirelessly? I enjoy Kindle on all my devices and decided to try one book on ibooks. All I want is ibooks to sync to the last page read between devices.:confused:
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    List/To Do App with particular features

    To Do List I have been using GoodToDo for almost a year and it just keeps getting better. Well worth the $2 a month subscription. Very simple and easy to use across all platforms, including my imac, ipad and iphone. Even use on my pc when desperate!:)
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    got mugged..

    This program might help your tracking problem We have installed Device Locator and I believe it works even when the device is off.
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    My email sent box disappeared

    Just by chance did you upgrade to 3.2.2? For some reason I lost a week of calendar appointments--go figure.
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    iPad is not a Note taking device

    smartNote in landscape? I like the sample of smart note free, but can not seem to get it to landscape.
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    Great Sales Tool

    Recently gave a presentation to my local Apple store to join the Chamber of Commerce. Used my 2 inch thick binder for the demo. When finished the said the demo would be much better if I had used an iPad! The next day I placed an order for the 64 gig iPad and can't wait to load my...