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  1. Bluray

    blackberry massenger

    Im running BBM on my iPhone, it works wonderfully well. Theres also an iPad version thats out.
  2. Bluray

    Ios 6.1

    Try activating with another sim or a different wifi hotspot.
  3. Bluray

    Hello from Art Pereira - South Africa

    Welcome, nice to see a fellow South African joining iPF ;)
  4. Bluray

    Hi All

    Hi Glenn, welcome to iPF where you'll find a ton of info for your iDevice. :)
  5. Bluray

    iTunes question

    I don't think your administrator would be happy with that. You can just copy your iTunes music library to your work computer and sync your music.
  6. Bluray

    Hi Everyone!!

    Hi and welcome to iPF :)
  7. Bluray

    How to "unlink" iPad from Facebook?

    This is the reason I'm not using the original FB app. It's annoying. Maybe someone has an idea on how to disable this. Sorry man
  8. Bluray

    Can't get apps to download.

    Hi Cath, have you tried rebooting the iPad by holding down the power button and home button down together until you see the Apple logo? If you had already done this then I suggest try downloading the apps on iTunes and then syncing it to your iPad.
  9. Bluray


    Hello and welcome to iPF where you will learn to get most out of your iPad. ;)
  10. Bluray

    Greetings from Edmonton Canada

    Hi and welcome to iPF Chas, congrats on your new purchase. ;)
  11. Bluray

    iPad screen colors all messed up

    This could be an hardware issue or with the display connector itself that's losing contact. I have stripped 100's of iPads to have damaged displays replaced. So far I haven't come across one with this issue. Will give this fix a try if I come cross one. ;)
  12. Bluray

    Unlocking ipad3

    Hi and welcome to iPF Victor. Unfortunately the only way to get it unlocked as Scifan mentioned is to take it to your service provider ;)
  13. Bluray

    School restricted iPad

    Hi and welcome to iPF Brian. I for sure wouldn't want to tamper with someone else's property if they have loaned it to me.
  14. Bluray

    Official IOS6 Jailbreak Status Thread

    Yes, this is only for devices running the A4 chip.
  15. Bluray

    I dropped my ipad and it turned green!!! Whats wrong????

    So what was the issue with it Amy?