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Recent content by Bluenik25

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    where do rented movie downloads go on ipad?

    If you are referring to; where they go after the rental period is complete. They go to the same place that deleted apps go to. They are removed from the front end, but the files are actually still in your memory until they are over written by new material. IE that memory is made available as...
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    any suggestion on an anti glare screen protector?

    I love my Power Support anti-glare!
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    Will You Sell The iPad If..

    I wont be selling mine. I just pass last years version off to my wife when I get the new version. That is if I can get her to hold out that long.
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    I used a program call backgrounder on my jailbreak iPad to run it in the background. I believe the new version that you are referring to runs in the background on iOS4.1 for the iPhone.
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    I Bet You Never Thought Of This (69 Cent iPad Stand)

    I was not meaning to be rude. I just thought it was funny. I'm Sorry. I bought a metal business card holder ($1.80) from Staples and bent it slightly so it would better support the iPad. After I got it just right I dipped it in black plastic dip to add some cushion and scratch protection...
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    I Bet You Never Thought Of This (69 Cent iPad Stand)

    Wow are you late to the party or what?
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    Skype works great without a headset on the iPad. I was able to use Skye on my iPad during my last trip to Canada for very little cost. I purchased a local area code phone number from for around $18 for three months then just had my wife call me. While running backgrounder I was...
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    New power supply

    The problem is the iPads charging port keeps the iPad in portrait mode.
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    Apple Magic Trackpad

    Yeah but that just wouldn't be as clean and cool!
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    Apple Magic Trackpad

    I dont have a VGA cable that will stretch to my couch while I am watching a movie on the big screen. For instance I used the iPad to show a movie on the 55" tv this weekend.
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    Apple Magic Trackpad

    just a thought. I would personally like to use it while the iPad is connected to my tv for your normal video controls. Or I would use it while my iPad is in my swing arm mount on my desk.
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    iOS 4.1 in beta

    I think Apple will announce the release of iOS4.1 for iPad during their Sept. 7th iPod press conference. No sources, just my opinion.
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    Apple Magic Trackpad

    Do you guys think the new Apple Magic Trackpad will work with the iPad in the future? Maybe some will make it work after a jailbreak. Magic Trackpad - Apple Store (U.S.)
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    Second Gen iPad this year

    Maybe what ever evidence they found is for the new iPod Touch?
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    Do YOU think this is true?

    absolutely, there is overwhelming evidence that the iPhone has some serious bugs and that evidence is being examined by every expert the media outlets can hire.