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  1. blucente

    Dock gone

    That's to bad, you could do a restore from iTunes, hopefully you have a current back up
  2. blucente

    Personal Cloud Storage

    Ok great, I have Goodreader. Thanks so much, I"ll give it a try
  3. blucente

    Personal Cloud Storage

    Great thread folks! I also purchased MyBookLive but mainly for back up purposes for a handful of laptops and my main desktop, the personal cloud is definitely a bonus while using my ipad. The one piece I just don't understand is having a file, document or photo on my iPad and wanting to save it...
  4. blucente

    Microsoft Office download

    +1 on Onlive Desktop, pretty amazing app
  5. blucente

    Anybody Upgrade iOS to 5.1.1?

    Smooth as silk, 10 mins or so
  6. blucente

    Has anyone found a good FINE tipped stylus?

    Wow that's different, it would seem awkward to use.
  7. blucente

    New (well refurb) iPad 2 has arrived

    Yeap, you'll love the refurb. My first iPad, first gen refurb, served me well for more than a year. I sold it on eBay in one day for a very good price and then bought an iPad (2) refurb this time, really can't beat the refurb.
  8. blucente

    caseen iPadForums Welcome + Introduces iPad 3rd Gen Case Lineup + Free Case GIVEAWAY

    Definitely interested in the caseen SKINNY Genuine Leather Stand Case (DESIGNO Series Black) for Apple iPad 2 I had a similar case for my first gen iPad and really loved the design and functionality, this case appears to have a polished and professional look, perfect for the business...
  9. blucente

    Printing From The iPad For a Windows User Question, Please ?

    Netgear genie worked great, awesome tip!
  10. blucente

    Scratches on ipad

    +1^ just sold my iPad 1 in mint condition and got top dollar for it
  11. blucente

    Skype Problems

    Hi Laura, I have an iPad first gen also and use Skype daily for work ie conference calls. I have never had that crashing problem with Skype, maybe a few sound quaility problems but overall it works great. Couple things come to mind, possible iOS upgrade needed along with possible Skype upgrades...
  12. blucente

    WiFi Sync

    Haha, back to old school, but it works! 5.0
  13. blucente

    I had enough of iPad 1

    I agree but the more demands I put on my first gen is forcing me to look at the iPad 2, but I'm going to wait until the 3 is announced and most likely buy an ipad2 refurb and save a few bucks. Also, I'm hoping the price will drop even more when the 3 launches 5.0
  14. blucente

    Protection plan

    I purchased Squaretrade for my daughters phone, $99 for two years, it includes up to two claims for accidental drops and water damage. I heard a lot of positives regarding claims so I figured it would be a good way to go. 5.0
  15. blucente

    Buy iPad2 or wait for iPad3?

    +1,you won't regret it. 5.0