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    Trouble with Cellular 3G Connection

    Try this... If you're jailbroken and using SBS Settings, swipe finger from left to right across where signal bars and ATT carrier logo are. A screen will pop-up for the SBS options like re-spring. There's also a 3G icon... Make sure yours isn't disabled (red) like mine was. Tapping to make it...
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    Hello! I came here b/c my iPad is stuck in "Edge mode"

    Well, I solved my own problem... For those of you with jail broken ipad's, you're probably using SBS Settings... Had to respiring and saw that there was a 3Gicon turned off. Turned it back on and BANG 3G back instantly. Hope this works for you.
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    Hello! I came here b/c my iPad is stuck in "Edge mode"

    I have a basic iPad 3G 16GB jail broken, running OS 3.2 (have not upgraded to 3.2.1 yet). My problem is that my device has been stuck in Edge mode for at least a week now and I don't know why. First, i have xalled both Apple & AT&T support and they both had me pretty much do same things...