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  1. biobunny

    Osx Mountain Lion?

    Apple codenames OS X releases (meaning the 10th version of Mac OS) after big cats, although the first version was codenamed Kodiak, the second one was named Cheetah (?) and Apple kept up the tradition. As for Platypus, Apple unofficially officially uses that as their mascot for their kernel...
  2. biobunny

    What is the aerodynamic profile of an Ipad?

    Please be more clear on what you exactly want. Thanks. Sent from K48AP, the classic
  3. biobunny

    Would you have an iPad-like device implanted in your body?

    You mean an iOS implant device, not iPad cause I wouldn't want an iPad literally stuck to my back. Sent from K48AP, the classic
  4. biobunny

    The World By 2050

    Generalizing Europe as one thing is categorizing hundreds of different cultures of different wealth levels as one whole, if the EU breaks, all the countries will go solo and eventually some countries will have partnerships. And as for the high hope of space travel, the bug problem is the...
  5. biobunny

    Help me!How to make my daughter happy?

    I've read a Lifehacker article on this kid that learned the CLI before the GUI, this was only a few years ago on Linux of course. Sent from K48AP, the classic
  6. biobunny

    The "Anything Goes" thread

    merry christmas iPF! Sent from K48AP, the classic
  7. biobunny

    iOS 6.1 Will be Even Harder to Jailbreak

    When people pirate, the loss is the amount of potential customers not the amount they actually download because that technically costs nothing, because they steal content not physical money. I do not support piracy, I just wanted to say my view. Sent from K48AP, the classic
  8. biobunny

    Do we even need desktops anymore?

    I have a Desktop because it's cheaper then a laptop, and simply because I like the mouse and keyboard. Sent from K48AP, the classic
  9. biobunny

    Mirror iPad on any HDMI tv

    Now if only the iPad could have bluetooth mouse support natively. And the iPad Mini in that picture seriously looks more like an iPod Touch. I've been asking whether the iPad can mirror its screen to a TV for ages, thanks for the info. Sent from K48AP, the classic
  10. biobunny

    Missing Safari icon on my iPad.

    And don't forget trying the "soft reset" by holding home and the sleep buttons, ignoring "slide to turn off", until it restarts. I hope you've found the solution that worked out for you. Sent from K48AP, the classic
  11. biobunny

    Hello - I am New

    At iPF we expect new users to kinda know how to use Forums, quite similar that searching for a tutorial for using a mouse on the Windows website would render useless. I suggest using Google on how to use a forum related items, rather then iPF which has it's primary focus on iPads and iOS with...
  12. biobunny

    How much RAM

    The Unix Haters handbook gives logical reasons on why Unix sucks (in that decade) because almost nothing worked properly. It's a nice read too, and if you're a *nix or unix user (OSX is officially Unix) then it's nice to know about it's history too. The early Unix' were cheap, what happened...
  13. biobunny

    Apps for Medical Students

    I have seen schools use iPads and I can say from experience that students have no difference in attention to the teacher with an iPad. In fact, there should be more Medical apps for the iPad then the PC (correct me if I'm wrong). There are lots of apps that can be used for Office work, and in...
  14. biobunny

    How much RAM

    Apparently the A6 chip has dynamic clocking speeds. I don't think 2GB of RAM would do so much. And Unix was successful because it was cheap, not because it was great. Go read the Unix Haters Handbook (It was made free legally). Sent from K48AP, the classic
  15. biobunny

    Will my iPad mirror the screen when connected to a monitor?

    Thanks. Now that means I can turn my iPad into a full fledged Desktop! (sort of). Sent from K48AP, the classic