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    iPad Air Wifi Issue

    Many routers have slower 2.4 GHz channels (older standard) and faster 5 GHz channels. As your wife’s iPad is 9 years old, I suspect it is connecting to the 2.4 GHz channel.
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    Ipad run from 'big' battery?

    I get the same behavior with numerous recharging bricks. I’m not sure if it is caused by the iPad or the power brick. My brick has a power switch I have to press again to get the charging to restart.
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    No audio on some video sites

    I find this issue to be browser dependent, and affected by whether or not I’m running AdLock or a VPN. Some sites won’t play sound in the Duck-Duck-Go privacy browser even with AdLock and my VPN turned off.
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    Best IPad to buy IF I already HAVE a high end MacBook Pro

    This guy does a good comparison and concluded the Pro the way to go: 1. Much faster port (Thunderbolt vs USB 3), really helpful for transferring big video files 2. Much better speakers 3. 120 hz Pro motion feels much smoother
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    IPAD 2021 9th Gen versus iPAD Mini 6 for Internet, YouTube and Books?

    For the indicated uses, I would go with the new base model for $400. She is not likely to notice any performance difference.
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    Why is iPad file management so rickety?

    I make videos (using LumaFusion) and in a typical day might shoot 100 still photos and shoot 2-50 gigabytes of video. I do 100% of my workflow on a 2017 iPad Pro 12.9 with 512 Gb of memory. I don’t even use a mouse or external monitor, just an Apple Pencil. I boot my PC once a year to do my...
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    Gmail on going away in May

    Has anyone else received such a notification? I have not.
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    Can't Copy video from PC to iPad Air 2

    You might look in to an app called Shareit. I have used to to move large files from my PC to my iPad. I use the Pro version, which cost a few bucks.
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    AirPrint Not Working for iPad Only

    You might try: Settings > General > Transfer or reset iPad > Reset Network Settings
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    Photo app

    I use Photo Manager Pro. It solves some, but not all, issues associated with managing photos. It allows creating folders, sorting by name, date, size, etc. I believe there is a free version you can try.
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    Without knowing more details about what the data is or how it is stored/organized, it’s difficult to give specific advice, That said, you could copy it from the Acer to Google Drive, then download it to the iPad.
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    How to remove Photos under Settings > iPad Storage?

    Edit: looks like you already checked the “recently deleted” folder.
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    How to configure Ipad model A1337?

    Valid reason. Sorry for the cranky response and I hope you get it configured.
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    How to configure Ipad model A1337?

    They won’t charge your card if you don’t buy anything. What are you afraid of if you give them your card? Apple has plenty of money, they don’t need to steal from their customers’ credit cards. It’s been forever since I set up my iTunes account, so I don’t know what the answer is. Edit: this...
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    Downloads from Google Drive: pages of code

    Weird, I have no issues opening Google Drive in Safari, and never get redirected.