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    Why are you not jailbreaking?

    [Rule 10 - provocative content deleted - DM51]
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    Why are you not jailbreaking?

    I am not jail breaking because most of the apps available through jailbreak only provide cosmetic changes. I am not much of a fan of that. Another reason is the exposure to viruses when you jail break. There is the warranty issue if your iPad is bricked. There s no real flash alternative, the...
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    Traveling with the Ipad

    My bad, I shouldn't have used the word contract. It is just a plan that you sign up for and you can cancel at anytime you wish. I should be there for about three weeks. I need my internet connection even while I am on the road so relying on hotel wifi isn't going to do it it for me.
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    Traveling with the Ipad

    Thanks. I will try that.
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    Traveling with the Ipad

    I will be traveling to the US next month. The thing is, I already have an AT&T micro sim card that I had purchased a year ago and used in my IPad 1. Does anyone know if I could now use that same micro sim card and re activate or start a new contract for 3G service? Or, do I have purchase a new...
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    does the back of ipad2 scratch easily?

    Depends on where the itch is. It does help on areas of the back that I would have difficulty reaching with hand alone.
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    What apps have you downloaded since jail breaking iPad2?

    So many peeps into cosmetic changes. smh.:D
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    Anyone here use the iPad 2 with apple's wirless keyboard?

    It works well. I only take it with me if I plan to do a lot of typing so that works out. I know it would be nice to have the combo case since it would always be available but I find that many times I like to use my ipad just folding it back. If the combo case is on it, it becomes bulky and awkward.
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    I will be annoyed if the iPad 3 is released this September.

    Yes, but unlike older motor vehicles that are still popular and are sought after, when you trend up with technological gizmos, the older one is perceived as useless.
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    I will be annoyed if the iPad 3 is released this September.

    I am not worried or concerned. I went from the original ipad to ipad 2 mainly because it was faster and it could run movie maker well. my interest in an ipad 3 would depend on what it offers. if if just retina display, that will not interest me one bit. I am not a gamer so even more power at...
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    How often should you completely turn off your iPad?

    Off the whole night especially when charging? My ipad 2 can't be turned off when charging.
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    Flash player again on ipad 2 ??????

    Good one.
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    What app to purchase that would allow me to print through WIFI

    This printing straight from the Ipad really is a mess. Before, I am nto sure if it is Airprint, I was able to print directly from my ipad to printer via Document Downloader. Now I can't. I checked out Print N Share and you need to go through your Mac or PC to print for that.
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    Crux Launches Bespoke iPad Case With Keyboard and Trackpad

    At that price, it doesn't make sense. I was waiting for it but I will go ahead with something else.
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    Flash player / SplashTop

    You make it sound so unreal. For real it works? Next question: Does this new feature only work with PC or is there a Mac option as well?