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    Learned a trick on a BBQ Forum

    Certain websites I visit require a lot on scrolling down to get to where I what I want to look at. Shortly after I rec'd my ipad2 and while on phone with Apple Tech Support, I asked, "Is there way to get back to the top of the page without having to swipe 5-6 times? I was told, NO. While on a...
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    SD Card to iPad2

    Is there a way to transfer pics from an SD card to an iPad2?
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    Apple TV & Smithsonian Channel

    Since Dish Network does not offer Smithsonian Channel, I was curious how Apple TV would work With my iPad2? Anybody tried this? Thank You!
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    Wi-Fi Camera's

    I have a old Kodak Z740 digital camera that I use for the most part for taking pics for my BBQ pics for posting on various forums. I have been using the PC freebie irfanview to reduce the file size with no apparent lost of quality. After searching around, I can not find a way to get pics from...
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    YouTube Videos

    First few seconds played fine then I exited out
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    Texting to nonApple smart phone?

    Thank You for explaining the difference. Any recommendations? Background info: I have phone numbers only for alot of former co-workers (railroad workers), but no way to email them and I'd hate to call their cell phones on account that might wake them up when they are trying to sleep.
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    Texting to nonApple smart phone?

    Wifie sez she can txt her cousin, both on verizon, but cuz doesn't have an iPhone. Is this possible? If'n that is true, should I be able to txt from my iPad to friends on Verizon?
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    How to add a bookmark to bm bar.

    ED @ Apple Support, Bookmark Bar is Not available on iPads. Laptops YES! HTH
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    How to add a bookmark to bm bar.

    Since this iPad is only week old, I am going to try to call Apple support. I don't see what you have kindly tried To help me with! Thank You!
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    How to add a bookmark to bm bar.

    Nothing above the messages,mail,twitter and Facebook icons
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    How to add a bookmark to bm bar.

    Thanks for your effort! I don't have the top of the box when opening favorites
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    How to add a bookmark to bm bar.

    iOS 7.1 Tried a few things, but no luck Also, would prefer icons, if possible Thank you
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    moving/saving in Bookmarks Bar

    Will this technique with a new ipad2, iOS 7.1? Thank You
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    Info still good w/ os7.1 Thank You
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    Buying from a big box store caveats?