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    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    I forgot to mention weather watches (summer thunderstorms) using radar on weather apps. My husband loves using the Weather Bug app. He says it has it all and it's efficient.
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    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    Many reasons to love my iPad I've used my iPad almost every day since April. Actually this is my second one. My husband started borrowing mine so much for google, email, Stumble Upon app, Blocks game app, ebooks, etc. that I gave him that one as an early Christmas / birthday present. I got...
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    Who Waited Until Last Minute to Still Get Unlimited 3G

    I was dithering about locking in the unlimited plan... Just signed up, since today was the last day. I can drop it later if I end up not using it enough, but I want to try it on a trip.
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    1st time using a touch screen

    For new users of touch screen keyboards, you might want to check out the typing tips on, with lots of tricks that aren't in Apple's documentation.
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    Great weekend with iPad

    My iPad is improving the quality of my life at age 63. When I travel or work overnight at my part-time job, I like playing my iPod music collection to baffle noise from nearby rooms, plus avoid radio commercials. For playing, I like the Photos origami slideshow with lots of saved images from...
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    iPad and facebook

    Until facebook has an app, did you know you can put facebook, or any website, as an app-style entry on the home page? That's an option for new bookmarks on Safari. Then you can rearrange the home page entries and drag facebook onto the bottom line that's on all home screens. (It took me weeks to...
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    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    In my previous reply about touch sensitivity and zoom, I should have said two or four-finger motions cause zooming, not three fingers.
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    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    I'm happily using my iPad at home and while traveling. I like to play music from my iPod collection while googling, etc. in bed or on a couch. I had fun creating a slide show from my saved images in Photo, using the Keynote app. Keynote and Pages have great tutorials that make it easy to get...
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    Do I need the iPad 3G?

    Thanks for the comments about Skype and Whistle! I'm usually at a place with good wifi. (I'm semi- retired and don't choose to pay for a smart phone.)
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    Do I need the iPad 3G?

    I have the original wifi and ordered a 3G today (supposed to be shipped in 5-7 work days, arriving by 5/22 at the latest). I want to take it on a vacation, driving to PA, NY and maybe VT. I hope ATT will connect okay in those places. Can Skype work okay with iPad's microphone??? :comingsoon:
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    Keyboard Dock first impressions

    My keyboard dock arrived yesterday and I'm happy to be able to touch-type more easily - and have the dash, apostrophe, and @ on the same keyboard as the letters! (I really, really want those keys on the primary onscreen keyboard, since I'll continue to use that keyboard on the couch, etc...
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    iPad Books vs Traditional Books

    I like having the option to get free books (Gutenberg Project, etc.) through iPad applications, especially when traveling. I tend to take multiple books along on plane trips, as well as car trips, but that can be a pain. And now more and more airlines charge extra to check even one bag. I...
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    Hi-end wireless headsets...

    I've heard that Bose makes a top-quality noise-cancelling headset. That could be great on a long plane flight (or even a short one) if a bored youngster, or other loud talker, is sitting nearly.... I predict I'll want to take my iPad along on all trips, so getting a multipurpose headset makes...
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    What really annoy you with Apple

    I don't like the keyboard incompatibility between Apple and Windows keyboards. On an Apple laptop that I used it didn't have the Backspace delete key that I like to use on PC keyboards. I've ordered an iPad and I hope that keyboard will be full-function - ideally with a Windows-compatible...
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    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    Can I use a BOSE speaker with my iPad? I'd like to use my iPad to play music with the BOSE speaker that my husband gave me for my iPod. Is that possible and how would I connect them???????????????? Thanks for any advice you can give. (And of course I want to sit on the couch with my iPod to...