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    W9 and iPad!!!

    The Chinese manufacturer Ramos is back in shape for the last term of 2010 with a new product in the category of Tablet MID. After the success of W7, Ramos presents the W9, running Android 2.1 and the newest platform Rockchip RK2818 with 1Ghz processor and 256MB of DDR2. It adopts a LED resistive...
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    Micro SIM card adapter lets you share iPhone data plan to iPad

    You know how the Apple iPad 3G doesn’t make use of a regular SIM card for its cellular identification? You know how it uses a micro SIM card instead? What if you wanted to use a micro SIM in a place that normally takes a regular SIM? Many enthusiasts out there have already taken their...
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    Leather Case Turns iPad into Netbook

    Hi all, I'm new here. A brand-new, soon to be expelled case for a iPad comes with the built-in Bluetooth keyboard that will effectively spin a tablet into a netbook. The leather folio-style box has an inventive design that lets flips in between three configurations. Closed; open with a iPad...
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    Which case you prefer?

    Leather Case Turns iPad into Netbook
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    Which case you prefer?

    Black Leather Case
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    keyboard docking station question

    seems you can buy on ebay