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    ipad apps

    Yes. The ipad app you bought is yours to keep. It is also in your purchase history. Syncing with iTunes brings it into your desktop computer iTunes acct. Here you can choose to remove it from your iPad and sync it back in when you chose to do so at a later time. also if you lose your desktop...
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    Mpeg or avi to iPad.

    Hello, After you convert the video to mp4, just go into iTunes and say - add file to library. This would add the mp4 video into iTunes. Now the video should show up in movies. Then sync your iPad, and the video will show up on the iPad. Tip-create a playlist for iPadmovies and then sync...
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    Connect iPad to a computer - Reboot cycle ~60 seconds later

    Hey, try this if it helps. It helped me for sure. The problem is not in your iPAD, it is in on your PC in the BIOS. There is an option in the BIOS when you boot your machine for <USB VOLTAGE>. Try to find it. and when you do - - you will see 3 settings in there - Low, Medium, High. Most...
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    App to watch movies?

    Videos icon. Yes. That should do it. Another option is the wonderful free app Airvideo. It does live video streaming from your computer to Ipad. Enjoy!.