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    YouTube music videos... Seriously???

    Download the vevo app, that is how I watch music videos on my idevices. Vevo usually is the ones putting up the official videos on YouTube anyways.
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    Is 7 years A Long Time NOT To Be Married?

    My parents didn't get married until their 24th anniversary and they only did it then because of some legal issues that came up. I don't see myself ever getting married....long term relationship? Sure but not married.
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    Iphone 4s cost $759.99!

    When the iPhone first came to Verizon a lot of people canceled their service and paid the cancel fee (at most $175). They then signed up for a new service contract and got the phone for $200. Some of them had to give up their number but they got the phone for $375 instead of $700+.
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    airport x-rays

    Each TSA worker has different expectations so I just always make sure my toys (kindle and iPad) are out of my bag and in seperate containers every single time. None of them are going to complain about me taking them out and I find it saves time in the long run not having to deal with a TSA...
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    Playing Movies on iPad

    I had the same thing happen with a movie I made. This is what worked for me: Select the movie you want to put on your iPad=> click the "advanced" menu at the top of iTunes=> select "create iPad or Apple TV version." A few minutes later I had a version that would sync with my Ipad.
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    No more buying books for Kindle app on ipad/iphone

    Apple - Press Info - Apple Launches Subscriptions on the App Store
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    No more buying books for Kindle app on ipad/iphone

    They couldn't do that actually. Part of Apple's terms says companies have to sell their items for the same price (or lower) as they do anywhere else; iTunes customers can not be charged more.
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    No more buying books for Kindle app on ipad/iphone

    But Apple was demanding 30% which is Amazon's entire profit margin on ebooks (which Apple knows since they were the ones to implement the agency pricing model in the first place). A small cut is resonable IMO but I don't expect any company to give up all their profits. Taking the in-app...
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    Some printers have AirPrint which let's them communicate with the iPad. I believe there are also some apps that let you set up none AirPrint printers to work wirelessly. Don't know what they are called though.
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    According to the iPad guide you have to restore your iPad software.
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    No more buying books for Kindle app on ipad/iphone

    So I have to wonder...if people do not update the app and continue to purchase through it, does Apple get the 30% cut? I have no problem with the concept of Apple getting a portion of the profits if something is purchased through the app but I don't think they should get all of the profits.
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    No more buying books for Kindle app on ipad/iphone

    Here is one but you can find more if you google it. Amazon caves to Apple, drops Kindle's in-app button - Computerworld We have been talking about this for months over on the Kindle boards.
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    No more buying books for Kindle app on ipad/iphone

    Apple wanted a 30% cut of all books purchased through the app and Amazon wasn't willing to give up their entire profit margin (can't say I blame them). This was the compromise Apple and Amazon came up with.
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    Using iPhone charger on iPad???

    Especially if you have a car like mine that will only charge electronics while running. I would hate to only have a car charger, nothing would ever get fully charged.
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    I don't go up to people and just start talking about it but if it comes up in conversation I have no problem discussing it or showing how it works.